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E-learning in the Healthcare Industry

Have you taken an online course? If not, it’s high time to experience e-learning!

During the two years of pandemic lockdowns, it became clear that it was time to rethink the traditional classroom model of learning and look to online opportunities.

physician E-learning

Earn CME Credits Online

Universities had been experimenting with e-learning and blended classes for years, but all of a sudden, it became the necessary mode of delivery for courses in all spheres – and that included professional development for people in all fields, including elearning in healthcare. In fact, according to KPMG research, digital learning is the quickest growing market in the education industry, with a whopping 900 percent growth since 2000.

Is elearning Effective in Healthcare?

The move to e-learning may be just what the doctor ordered for people working in the health-care field. The pandemic placed extraordinary burdens on the health-care system, and spare time – always in short supply for physicians – became even rarer. Nonetheless, professional development is part of the health-care ethos and, for physicians, it is a requirement.

"eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% ."

Source: ASTD

Is e-learning More Effective than Traditional Learning for Health Professionals?

In the past, professional development courses were often offered in exotic locales as a way of encouraging busy health-care professionals to combine learning with vacation. Pandemic restrictions quickly made that impossible, and e-learning filled the gap so successfully that there may be no going back.

A recent KPMG study noted that a motivator for e-learning among 84 percent of employees is that no travel is required. Many health-care professionals whose calendars are full undoubtedly have similar feelings about squeezing travel into their already full lives.

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Full Online Learning or Blended Learning in Medical Education?

If you haven’t tried e-learning, it’s worth noting that there are many advantages. But, first, let’s talk about how courses are delivered. They can be synchronous, with a set time for students to tune into a course that is taught in real time by the instructor. There are also a-synchronous (self-paced) courses, lessons taped in advance that the learner can access at any time.

Many synchronous courses are also taped during course delivery so that students can return to each lesson again and again for clarification and review.

Now that pandemic restrictions have eased, you might also be tempted by a blended course, one that mixes online learning and classroom learning. It combines the convenience of online learning with the social opportunities of an in-person class, often by alternating the two formats.

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Why Health-care Professional Development Online?

“I’m busy enough,” might be the standard refrain among health-care professionals, especially during the increased pandemic caseloads and the game of catch-up being played now that postponed examinations and procedures are being scheduled. Yet, in addition to the commitment to professional development in health-care, consider these other incentives:

eLearning Helps Physicians Stay Up-To-Date

As the pandemic proved, it’s always useful to stay current in your understanding of emerging problems. While COVID-19 was at its peak, many physicians and nurses who didn’t specialize in either infectious diseases or emergency medicine were called to assist with rising caseloads. Coursework can aid clinicians in adapting to the needs of the patient population, as well as prepare physicians for a side hustle.

Preparing Physicians for New Challenges

Perhaps there’s an area of medicine you’d like to explore further, one that may include different challenges than you face in your daily practice. For instance, if you’ve considered going to Ukraine to treat injured soldiers, emergency medicine or surgical skills may be useful.

Chance for Physicians to Hone Skills

doctor elearning
If you’d like to practise an under-utilized skill, a professional development course is a safe place to do so. Simulations can help you hone your skills in a safe, non-threatening environment. You will gain both confidence and clinical knowledge.

Earning CME’s and Maintaining your Licence

Additional training is often built into the requirements for maintaining your licence to practise.

Staying on Top of Regulations

Requirements for such issues as patient privacy or reimbursement are constantly changing, and professional development courses can update you on these changes.

Enhancing your Physician Credentials

Let’s face it, it’s a competitive world out there, and adding to your knowledge base and your CV is never a bad move.

E-Learning Benefits for Physicians and Nurses

Now that you’ve considered the value of professional development, let’s talk about the specific benefits of e-learning for health-care professionals. There are many reasons why online course delivery is practical and smart:

You Can “Attend” Class from Anywhere

E-learning isn’t limited by geography. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can tune into your lessons from any locale. On vacation? No problem. Relaxing in the shade of your backyard? Pour yourself a cool drink and log in. Taking a lunch break? Find a quiet corner and put on your earphones. This flexibility is very appealing to busy people, and it also makes it accessible to anyone who seeks barrier-free access.

No Travel Required

If you find commuting to class or travelling to another locale for professional development an inconvenience, fear not. You can save precious time and hassle by tuning in from home or the workplace. No more commuting time or hours spent on an airplane – you only need to be available for the class itself. This allows you to be more productive, since there’s no time wasted.

Cost Savings

E-classes may cost less than in-person courses, because there is no classroom required, so that cost isn’t factored into your tuition.

Engaging Material

The best e-learning mixes a variety of elements to keep the students engaged. During one session, you may see a video, hear a lecture, take part in a poll and discuss the material in a breakout session. Your attention won’t waver, because there’s so much variety and there’s something for all learning styles.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you take an e-class, even if it is delivered live, it is generally recorded and posted online, so you can return to it time and again to review the material.

Building a Network

Since e-learning isn’t limited by geography, your classmates may hail from a variety of different places. During class discussions or breakout sessions, you’ll be getting to know people from across the country – and, perhaps, from around the world.

For busy health-care professionals who don’t have much time to connect with colleagues, this is an ideal opportunity to enlarge your professional network.


Thanks to technological advancements and elearning viability, healthcare professionals from all over the world can start expanding their skills and knowledge, all from the comfort of their own laptop. With all the benefits to e-learning and professional development, why delay? Check into the available options and dive in!
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