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Juvéderm® Dermal Fillers: A Guide for Certified Aesthetic Providers™

Image of woman receiving aJ uvéderm® Dermal Filler Injection

Juvéderm® is a trusted name in non-invasive aesthetic treatments and has gained recognition across the United States for its efficiency and safety profile. Out of the many product options, Juvéderm® Dermal Fillers remain a top contender in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Juvéderm® is a trusted name in non-invasive aesthetic treatments and has gained recognition across the United States for its efficiency and safety profile. Out of the many product options, Juvéderm® Dermal Filler remains a top contender in the field of aesthetic medicine.

It is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler known for its natural results in restoring soft tissue volume, smoothening wrinkles and folds, and enhancing the overall face shape. Juvéderm® was approved by the FDA in 2006. [1]

By 2020, upwards of 2.6 million procedures had been done using hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvéderm®. [2]

Therefore, Juvéderm® treatments are an obvious inclusion for any certified aesthetic provider keen on offering state-of-the-art and effective aesthetic treatments for their patients.

Note: The IAPAM recommends that healthcare providers have received accredited Botox® training and feel comfortable and confident in their ability to work with botulinum toxin injections before attempting any type of dermal filler injections.

What is Juvéderm®?

Juvéderm® is at the forefront of dermal fillers as non-invasive aesthetic treatment in the US, boasting a range of six unique and long-lasting options. [3]

The fillers include a natural skin substance called hyaluronic acid (HA), which ensures the skin is given nutrients and can absorb and draw moisture into it, keeping its tenacity and softness by giving it volume. These dermal filler injections target areas from lips and cheeks to chin, smile lines, eyes, and even the jawline.

Juvéderm® fillers are created from a sugar molecule that is naturally found in the skin, which is known as hyaluronic acid. Results can be long lasting but should only be administered by a certified and licensed cosmetic injector.

In a survey comparing various dermal filler brands, Juvéderm® emerged as the preferred choice among aesthetic providers, illustrating its widespread acclaim.

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Types of Juvéderm® Fillers

Juvéderm® comes in different types; each one targeting an area of the face, including the lips, cheeks, chin, jaw, and under the eye. [4] 

Below are the common types of Juvéderm® fillers.

1. Juvéderm® Voluma® XC

This filler is used for deep injections in the cheek area to replace volume loss due to aging and for chin augmentation to enhance the chin’s profile. The extra fullness beneath the skin provides a lift and gives a revitalized, more youthful look.

It has a thick HA formulation that provides exceptional lifting capacity, which is achieved through Vycross technology. Anesthetic in the injections is in the form of lidocaine, which ensures that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort. 

The intended duration of the injection is approximately two years when administered to the cheek area and one year when applied in the chin region.

2. Juvéderm® Volbella® XC

This lip plumper uses the more delicate, soothing, longer-lasting Vycross technology for its gels. Vycross technology quiets inflammation, bumps, and redness, easing wrinkling and lasting through more sunless types of jelly. 

Volbella® provides a noticeably fuller, plumper pout for individuals with thin lips but is also approved for the treatment of perioral lines caused by mouth movements.

Made from an FDA-approved filler for the undereye area, it’s an exclusive Juvéderm® brand also targeting undereye areas by filling sunken hollows. The results with this filler last up to one year.

3. Juvéderm® Vollure® XC

This filler is designed for injection into facial tissue to correct facial wrinkles, including nasolabial folds. Vollure® temporarily restores volume loss by filling in these wrinkles and folds with its smooth, medium-consistency formulation. It can last more than one year with follow-up sessions, offering long-lasting results compared to other Juvéderm® products.

4. Juvéderm® XC

Juvéderm® XC addresses moderate to severe facial folds or wrinkles, such as parentheses lines extending from the nose to the mouth.

5. Juvéderm® Ultra XC

Juvéderm® Ultra XC is specifically designed to fill and plump up the lips for augmentation and restoration. Lips look naturally full, and the appearance of vertical lines above the lip is minimized. Lidocaine, an aesthetic, is added to make the treatment relatively painless.

Individuals can experience significant enhancement in lip volume, appearance satisfaction, and lip softness for up to one year.

6. Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XC

Most providers turn to Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XC for lip enhancement, as it has a more viscous and stable consistency. Its recommended uses range from moderate to severe wrinkles and lines in some areas of the face, like nasolabial folds, or “smile lines.” 

It can also be used for enlarging lip volumes or restoring a volume deficiency, especially on previously thin lips.

Lidocaine has been added to it to help mitigate any pain felt during the injection. It lasts one year if good care is taken after the time of injection.

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Mechanism of Action: How Juvéderm® Works Beneath the Skin

Juvéderm® is injected beneath the skin using a fine needle or cannula by a trained cosmetic injector. The injection sites are typically areas with volume loss or wrinkles, such as the cheeks, lips, or nasolabial folds.

Juvéderm® injections are formulated with a minor dosage of lidocaine, a pain-relieving agent. This inclusion alleviates any potential discomfort experienced during the procedure, ensuring a more comfortable treatment experience with rapid relief.

In addition, cosmetic practitioners often incorporate a gentle massage into the procedure to promote even filler distribution and minimize the risk of swelling. Typically, the entire process lasts anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, varying based on the specific area being treated.

Volume Restoration

Once injected, Juvéderm® immediately adds volume to the treatment area, filling in wrinkles, lines, and hollow areas of the face. This provides an noticeable improvement in the appearance of the skin as soon as the procedure is complete.

Hydration and Tissue Support

Hyaluronic acid molecules in Juvéderm® attract and bind to water molecules, which helps to hydrate the skin from within. This hydration contributes to a plumping effect, smoothing out wrinkles and improving skin texture. [5]

Stimulation of Collagen Production

Although the primary mechanism of action of Juvéderm® is immediate volumization and hydration, there is evidence to suggest that HA fillers may also stimulate collagen production. This protein provides structural support to the skin. [6]

Gradual Biodegradation

Over time, Juvéderm® is gradually broken down and metabolized by the body. The biodegradation rate varies depending on the specific Juvéderm® product used, the injection site, and individual metabolism.

Common Indications: Conditions and Areas for Which Juvéderm® Treatment is Approved

Juvéderm® is FDA-approved for use in numerous areas and for applicable conditions related to facial aesthetics. Common indications include:
  1. Nasolabial Folds: Juvéderm® acts to fill and conceal those folds, resulting in a more youthful look.
  2. Vertical Lip Lines: Also called smoker or lipstick lines, Juvéderm® can be utilized to bring back the fullness of lips and to get rid of smoky lines. The result will be a youthful and fabulous look.
  3. Marionette Lines: These lines can be smoothed, and the lip corner is turned upwards, by Juvéderm® filler injection.
  4. Cheeks: Juvéderm® Voluma® XC, a specific dermal filler that augments the cheeks and improves cheek contour is another aesthetic treatment made available at my clinic.
  5. Lips: Juvéderm® Ultra XC and Volbella® XC are two of the most widely used injectables that help to increase the volume of the lips and fill out any of the fine lines that appear on the lips. These can be applied both to define the lip border and to correct torsions and asymmetries.
  6. Chin: Juvéderm® can be used to enlarge the chin and create more chin projection, making a more pronounced and well-balanced profile.
  7. Temples: Juvéderm® can be injected into temples so as to restore lost volume in that part of the face, thus avoiding hollowness in the area.
  8. Under-Eye Hollows: They can also be utilized to fulfill or conceal these dark areas beneath the eye, helping to reduce the appearance of tired-looking eyes.

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Preparing Patients for Juvéderm®

Before administering Juvéderm® treatments, those providing the treatment should ensure thorough Juvéderm® training. In addition, skilled cosmetic injectors know to conduct a thorough patient consultation including a detailed discussion regarding the patient’s cosmetic needs and the outcome that they can receive through the treatment.

As Juvéderm® is a non-invasive treatment, patient preparation is minimal, and the procedure occurs on the same day as the consultation.

For the safety and wellbeing of the patient as well as effectiveness of the filler injections, aesthetic providers should conduct a thorough medical history including any allergies or hypersensitives to drugs or other substances and outline clear instructions for patients. 

For example, warning patients to avoid taking medication like aspirin or ibuprofen a few days to the treatment and also being informed to avoid alcohol intake. [7]

Patients must also be advised to stop smoking to reduce possible bruising before the procedure.

This is an imperative step to ensure patients are giving informed consent.

Why Should Aesthetic Healthcare Providers Offer Juvéderm®?

A healthcare provider may choose to offer Juvéderm® as a non-invasive aesthetic treatment for several reasons:
Juvéderm® offers a range of formulations designed to address various aesthetic concerns, including volume loss, wrinkles, and lip augmentation. This diversity allows certified aesthetic providers to tailor treatments to individual patient needs, offering comprehensive solutions for facial rejuvenation.
Juvéderm® is a U.S. FDA-approved dermal filler with proven safety and evidence of its efficacy provided in clinical studies. The Juvéderm® manufacturer provides Juvéderm® training for healthcare providers, ensuring safe and effective administration and enhancing patient satisfaction.
Juvéderm® helps smoothe wrinkles and all unsuitable lines and folds, giving patients a more youthful and reasonably refreshed look without surgery.
Besides the instant volume and high hydration, Juvéderm® is also said to stimulate the body to come up with its own natural collagen. It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and firmness over time, contributing to long-lasting rejuvenation effects.
The turnaround time for Juvéderm® treatments is very short.
Juvéderm® consistently delivers natural-looking results that enhance facial aesthetics while maintaining harmony. With proper Juvéderm® training, healthcare providers become an accessible and satisfying choice for those seeking cosmetic enhancements.
Juvéderm® can be combined with other procedures to provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Whether administered individually or in conjunction with botulinum toxin injections or laser treatments, Juvéderm® offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatment options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Juvéderm®


  • Offers a range of formulations for tailored solutions
  • Patients see immediate improvement
  • Effects can last up to a year
  • FDA-approved and made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions
  • Little to no downtime after treatment
  • It may stimulate collagen production, improving skin elasticity and texture
  • Can be dissolved if desired, allowing for adjustments or reversal of results
  • Tailored treatments for specific areas or concerns


  • It may cause temporary swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site
  • Results can vary among individuals
  • Treatments can be expensive

Why Offer Juvéderm® to Your Patients? What Makes Juvéderm® a Top Choice?

Smooth, Natural-Looking Results: Juvéderm® uses a remarkably smooth gel solution, unlike other fillers with grainy gels. This leads to exceptionally natural results, especially noticeable with lip enhancements, where subtlety matters most.

Quick and Painless: The procedure is over so fast that, in Juvéderm® treatments, it often does not take more than fifteen minutes depending on the areas in focus. The downtime with treatment is minimal and, therefore, the patient will be back to their usual activities, proving very convenient even with busy schedules.

Revolutionary And Not Allergic: Being made from naturally available hyaluronic acid, Juvéderm® is unlikely to cause an allergy. It removes the fears related to animal-related allergies because it is obtained from animal-free sources without needing pre-treatment allergies.

Beneficial for Skin Health: Juvéderm® enhances appearance and benefits skin health. Refilling of hyaluronic acid may help the skin to rejuvenate and even stimulate the increased production of elastin for a glowing look.

Immediate Visible Results: Unlike some other fillers that require patience, Juvéderm® delivers instant improvements. Many patients achieve their desired outcome in just one session which makes it ideal for time-sensitive events like weddings.

Long-Lasting Effects: Juvéderm® stands out for its durability, delivering results that can last up to a year, thanks to its high hyaluronic acid content.

Reversible and Biodegradable: Juvéderm® offers peace of mind with its reversibility. If desired, the procedure to dissolve the filler is painless and safe.

Contains Lidocaine for Comfort: Juvéderm® contains lidocaine which helps to create relief at the point of injection and negates the need for other anaesthetics. The patient will stay comfortable for the entire procedure.

Juvéderm® vs. Other Dermal Fillers

  • Juvéderm®
  • Restylane®
  • Belotero®
CompositionHyaluronic acid (HA)Hyaluronic acid (HA)Hyaluronic acid (HA)
ConsistencySmooth gelVaries (e.g., Restylane-L has a firmer texture) [8]Smooth gel
Range of ProductsVarious formulations for different treatment areasVarious formulations for different concernsVarious formulations for different concerns
LidocaineSome formulations contain lidocaine for comfortSome formulations contain lidocaine for comfortSome formulations contain lidocaine for comfort
Duration of ResultsLasts up to 1-2 years (varying based on formulation)Lasts up to 6-18 months (depending on product)Lasts up to 6 -12 months (varying based on formulation) [9]
Areas of TreatmentNasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, under eyes, etc.Nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, under eyes, etc.Nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, under eyes, etc.
Unique Properties of Juvéderm®1. Smooth gel consistency provides natural-looking results
2. Range of formulations tailored to specific concerns
3. Potential stimulation of collagen production
1. Various formulations for different depths and concerns
2. Known for its firm texture and ability to lift and sculpt
3. Wide range of products for diverse patient needs
1. Innovative cohesive polydensified matrix (CPM) technology for natural integration into the skin [10]
2. Versatile range of products for various facial concerns
3. Smooth gel consistency for natural-looking results
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Latest Advancements in Juvéderm® Technology – Future of Juvéderm®

Voluma® XC from Allergan received it’s FDA approval on March 5, 2024. The long-lasting dermal filler for temple hollows, Juvéderm® Voluma® XC, has become the first filler to claim that indication for moderate to severe age-related volume loss in adults aged 21 and older.

Clinical studies indicate that after three months of treatment with Juvéderm Voluma XC, over 80% of patients noticed at least a 1-point improvement in the severity of their temple hollows. Moreover, this significant improvement is long-lasting, with 73% of patients maintaining the results for up to a year. 

Additionally, medical assessments corroborate a minimum 1-point enhancement in temple hollowing severity, aligning with the high patient satisfaction rate—over 85%—regarding the appearance of their faces post-treatment. [11]

Allergan Aesthetics will be in the set-up stage of a new initiative: the Juvéderm® Training Program. This will provide Juvéderm® practicing providers with guidelines for safe injections and advice on how to offer full facial enhancement. The sanction needs to be fulfilled, and innovation in facial rejuvenation needs to be driven in a way that aligns with Allergan Aesthetics’ commitment to the care of the patients.


Staying informed about the latest developments in Juvéderm® is essential for certified aesthetic providers to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. Certified aesthetic providers need proper Juvéderm® training in order to ensure that they maintain their proficiency in giving Juvéderm® treatments.

The manufacturer of Juvéderm® does offer Juvéderm® training for providers and offers support for the products. Willing aesthetic providers are thoroughly prepared for the safe and effective delivery of the Juvéderm® line of fillers for optimal results and patient satisfaction.

So, by staying abreast of the latest research, techniques, and product innovations, healthcare providers can enhance their skills and provide optimal patient outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Juvéderm® Filler FDA Approved?

Yes, the Juvéderm® filler brand is FDA-approved for adults aged 22 and older. It has a proven safety profile and has been approved for various treatment areas, including facial wrinkles and folds, lip augmentation, restoring cheek volume, and defining the jawline. 

The FDA strongly advises against using non-approved Juvéderm® products and recommends choosing a licensed provider experienced in dermatology or plastic surgery for filler injections. [12]

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Juvéderm®?

Common side effects of Juvéderm® include swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, lumps or bumps, minor pain, and itching, which typically subside within two to four weeks.

How Long Do Juvéderm® Fillers Last?

Juvéderm® Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella®, and Volux typically last up to 12 months with optimal aftercare. Vollure® lasts up to 18 months, while Voluma® can last up to 2 years. 

Results gradually fade as the body absorbs the filler, and patients can dissolve it with hyaluronidase injections if desired.

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