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Social Media Marketing Patients - Reopening - COVID19

Hey there, it’s Jeff, here again, I hope you and your families are doing fantastic and everybody is safe and healthy! 

For this week’s check-in, I am starting to see on Facebook a lot of activity of practices posting on social media.

Jeff Russell, Executive Director, IAPAM

I am also starting to see some of the drug companies like Allergan and Restylane are advertising and promoting their procedures as well. 

If you haven’t been posting on Facebook you will want to start. Make sure you post some wellness tips and COVID tips but don’t post about selling, selling and selling. 

A good strategy is out of every 10 posts you do that 8 should be informational, and then one or two should be a special that you may have. 

Some practices are also offering pre-setup specials, offering a virtual consultation and Botox at $9/unit special that they will offer when their practice can open. 

You need to start to really engage with your patients on your Facebook or Instagram pages. If you have an email list, send everyone an email saying you’re preparing to open.

You also really need to start thinking about how you are going to open your practice and what procedures you are going to have in place to make sure your patients feel safe in your practice. 

You want to be very clear and upfront. You may want to do a temperature checking of all patients before they come in and have them do a little survey that asks if they are sick or have a fever. 

Start thinking about those protocols, and limiting the number of patients you have in your practice at any time. 

Once you open your practice it is not going to be “We are going back to normal tomorrow”. Pretty much every state is doing a stage by stage opening. 

Even restaurants can’t just open fully, they are limited to 50% capacity, 50 people or 15 people depending on what it is in your state and the same with personal services and other types of shopping and retail. 

Don’t assume you’re just going to be open to having all five of your treatment rooms running. 

You also may want to stagger your appointments with having someone at 1:00 then the next patient comes in at 1:15, as you don’t want to have multiple patients in the waiting room. 

Staggering appointments will also allow you to have extra time to cleanse the room. Make sure you have your Lysol and your disinfectant sprays. 

Advise your patients that you are doing fewer patients because you need to take extra time to clean the practice to make sure it’s safe for everyone. 

Make sure you have an inventory of masks, gloves, needles, disinfectant, and all those cleaning supplies, so that when you able to open that you’re prepared.

Start thinking about what kind of incentives and promotions you can offer when you open. In addition, keep active in doing the curbside pickup of skincare or weight loss as well. 

This is certainly a time to be promoting your weight loss program, like your keto/intermittent fasting or hormone weight loss, or whatever you’re offering. 

Certainly, people for weight loss know to eat less and exercise more, but people don’t do it as they want to follow a process. 

Remember to make sure you have a very strict, easy to follow process for them.

Wishing you and your families to be well! Go have some fun as spring is everywhere, so get outside, get fresh air, play games and just have a good time. 

Don’t forget to take some time for you to re-energize as well, whether that’s reading a book on your own, taking an online course, or just spending more time with family (which maybe you are done with that….just kidding). 

Have an awesome week.

Stay healthy!

Jeff Russell
Executive Director

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