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Make more, work less and make your practice recession-proof with aesthetics, medical weight management & business training.​

Body Contouring Devices Market About to Explode

According to market research Goldstein Market Intelligence, non-invasive and minimally-invasive body contouring is the largest segment in the body contouring market and is expected to represent more than 75% of the overall market share by 2024.

The global market for body contouring devices was valued at $857.5 million in 2010, and was confirmed to have grown to $6.8 billion in the USA alone in 2020.

As patients age, they are looking for non-invasive options for skin tightening for both their body and face. In addition, if you see weight loss patients, they will also require face and body skin tightening procedures.

As well, with 68.8% of Americans looking to lose weight adding the IAPAM’s medically supervised weight loss program with non-invasive fat killing technology is also a must.

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Body and Face Skin Tightening

The leading non-invasive procedure for tightening loose skin is by using Cartessa’s Physiq. 

Physiq is a non-invasive procedure that is both comfortable for your patients and requires no downtime. 

The procedure is designed to eliminate unsafe spikes because the patient’s skin tissue can quickly reach and maintain its therapeutic temperature. 

The skin maintains simultaneous contact cooling with SDM, so the surface of the patient’s skin rises only a small amount.

This procedure is comfortable and effective, so patients can achieve their ideal results.

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The Ultimate Combination – Medically Supervised Weight Loss with Body Tightening & Sculpting

As a physician, you want to treat all of your patients, from those who are overweight and those who have problem fat areas.  

By attending the IAPAM’s Medically Supervised Weight Loss program, you will learn it all!  This program includes hands-on training with the Physiq machine. 

By only seeing 10 patients a month, you will earn over $250,000 in additional profit for your practice. 

With declining insurance reimbursements, you can’t afford not to attend the next workshop!

Make Your Income Recession Proof with Botox® Training

Join +10,000 MDs/DOs, PAs and NPs from all medical specialties who have successful secured their financial future with our Successful Aesthetic Practice System™ at the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.

January 20-23
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Medical Weight Management Ebook Cover
Start a Profitable Medical Weight Management Program


Help your patients shrink and your practice grow by adding medical weight management program that really works!

Start a Profitable Medical Weight Loss Program


Help your patients shrink and your practice grow by adding a profitable medical weight loss program to your program.

Medical Weight Management Ebook Cover

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Are You Ready to Work Less?

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