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It All Starts with the First Domino

You will love Gary’s analogy of dominoes. If you find the right “first domino” it will knock down all of the following dominoes. 

If your domino doesn’t connect to the others, everything just stops.

The key is to create momentum. You can create momentum by finding that first domino (or tactic) that will connect and knock down the other dominoes so you can achieve your goal. 

You start with your big picture goal (3-5 years out), then connect it to what you need to do in the next year, then the next quarter, and finally what you need to do today. 

He also suggests “time blocking” first thing in the morning because your willpower deteriorates throughout the day and you should focus on nothing but that FIRST domino!

This book covers a lot of great content. 

For example, the fact that multi-tasking leads to less productivity, not everything matters equally (80/20 rule), the importance of asking the right questions, goal setting and how to live by priority, not urgency.

Jeff Russell

Jeff Russell

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