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Using PRP to Enhance Patient Results in Aesthetic Medicine

In 2021, the global PRP market was valued at $263.35 million and is forecasted to reach $708.64 million by 2030. 

While using PRP as a facial treatment option has been popularized by celebrities over the years, it’s still a treatment that is growing in demand and one that can help further enhance results for your patients.

PRP for Aesthetics

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a type of regenerative therapy that harnesses the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It involves the preparation of autologous human plasma that has a high concentration of platelets, obtained by centrifuging a volume of the patient’s blood. 

The simple 3-step process consists of drawing blood from the patient’s arm, placing the sample in the centrifuge, and re-injecting the platelet-rich plasma into the area of concern.

PRP is a cutting edge form of regenerative medicine that is becoming widely used for cosmetic therapy. It helps restore youthful skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. 

Platelets contain a variety of growth factors, such as platelet-derived growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, epidermal growth factor, hepatocyte growth factor, epithelial cell growth factor, transforming growth factor, and insulin growth factors 1 and 2. 

Platelets also contain mediators that play an essential role in healing. Platelet-rich plasma, therefore, contains an abundance of growth factors and their mediators that are concentrated during the centrifugation process. 

More than 1100 different enzymes, growth factors, immune system messengers, and proteins have been found in platelet-rich plasma. Many of these growth factors have well-established roles in cell migration, cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and collagen formation.

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How does it work?

Using a simple 4-step process, the patient’s own blood is separated by placing it in a centrifuge and the platelet-rich plasma is re-injected into the area of concern. 

Step 1: Collect the patient's blood

Less than two ounces (between 15 to 50 milliliters) are required for the procedure. The collection is virtually identical to giving blood for a blood test, with a collection needle inserted into a vein in the arm and the blood captured in a small vial.

Step 2: Centrifuge the blood.

A centrifuge is a device that spins at high speeds. This action physically separates the solid and liquid parts of the blood: red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), and plasma (liquid).

Step 3: Process and collect the platelets.

Regular blood contains about 200,000 platelets per milliliter, while platelet-rich plasma contains as much as five times that amount. The resulting three to seven milliliters of platelet-rich plasma will be collected in a syringe, to be administered immediately.

Step 4: Inject the PRP into the desired site.

The final syringe of platelet-rich plasma will contain approximately 1-2 teaspoons of fluid. With the guidance of an ultrasound probe, the PRP will be guided into the proper location, based on the nature of the injury being treated.

Patients love this process because it is a natural application and they experience minimal to zero downtime. Results are visible within a few weeks for most and can last months before another application is required!

What can you treat with PRP?

There are a few different uses and conditions that you can treat using PRP in aesthetics including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Scars from acne
  • Feet of crows
  • Wrinkles around the eyes

You can use it as a standalone treatment in a facial or add it on as a complement to your cosmetic injectable treatments and/or laser applications.  PRP can also be used to treat hair loss (alopecia areata) or for lip injections.

How much is my investment and what can I charge?

There is an initial equipment investment to purchase a centrifuge for the blood separation process, but after this initial investment, your per patient cost is quite low because you are using the patient’s own blood in the process.

A centrifuge on it’s own can range anywhere from $500-$1,000 depending on the size and quality of the equipment. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase the PRP collection kits.

You should always do research in your local market for other providers with PRP treatments as it can vary a lot from one place to another – even within the same city! That being said, an average range for treatments is anywhere from $500-$3,500 per patient depending on the number of treatments and the procedure(s) included. 

For example,  $1,000-$1,500 for PRP with a microneedling treatment, or anywhere from $1,500-$3,500 for a full hair restoration package (3 treatments).

As you can see, there are many ways that PRP can be used in conjunction with your aesthetics practice! Whether you already own a practice or you’re thinking of starting one, PRP is a must have to maximize results for your patients and profits for your practice.

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