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The Evolution of Trends in Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine never seems to stop growing and trends continue to evolve. Aesthetic medicine has really changed the game over recent decades, with cool tech and easier access making beauty treatments pretty much the norm now.

It’s no wonder so many more medical providers are seeking qualified Botox® training certifications.

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The desire to make ourselves more attractive isn’t a new human behavior. It’s fundamentally knitted into our very core, shaping us. 

Beauty’s always been important to people, but until recently, making big changes meant going under the knife. 

But up until a few decades ago, it often required going under a surgeon’s knife to make any significant changes. Plus, there was usually a hefty healing time tagged onto these treatments.

Today, the beauty and aesthetic medicine landscape has changed significantly and aesthetic treatments like Botox® are just a part of everyday life for many people.

Aesthetic medicine has evolved dramatically from its early days of risky surgeries to the safe, accessible Botox® and filler treatments that subtly enhance people’s appearance today.

Your Patient Becomes Your Customer

As compared to more conventional medicine, aesthetic medicine is a fairly new field. One of the biggest differences between the two are that your patient is more like a customer than a patient. 

Most are already in good health, simply seeking ways to boost their self-esteem and enhance how they feel about themselves.

Once a niche field, now you’ll find medical spas and aesthetics practices in numerous cities and towns across the globe offering an array of treatments.

The biggest game-change in this journey is Botox®, which got its first FDA approval back in 1989. Once known for treating various health issues, Botox® swiftly shot to fame due to its magical power in smoothing out wrinkles. 

The IAPAM has been training providers in Botox® injections since 2006 and has witnessed its remarkable journey, transforming the lives of not only the patient, but of the provider as well with a more lucrative option to treat patients, more fun in the practice and more time for other parts of their lives.

There’s now a surge in Botox® training, ensuring treatments are in safe and certified hands.

The Modern Botox® & Aesthetic Patient

Today’s aesthetic patient is a sophisticated consumer, not only driven by a desire to look and feel more beautiful, but also by values of mental well-being and self-confidence. 

This proactive attitude towards treatments is hugely influenced by media, reflecting a stark contrast to the more reserved patients from decades ago.

They’re also more knowledgeable, transparent about their treatments and even use them as social engagements (like Botox® parties). 

This isn’t just the result of a more educated and informed market, as mentioned above, media has played a significant influence from print, television, and social media have crafted a beauty-centric culture that many aspire to be part of.

People nowadays aren’t just after beauty treatments for looks alone, they’re also seeking them to boost their confidence, feel accepted in society, and enhance their mental wellbeing.

A New Level of Availability

A significant shift in aesthetic medicine is the accessibility of treatments. Gone are the days when such procedures were the exclusive domain of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

Today, patients can access simple and non-invasive treatments just about anywhere – from your family doctor to your dentist to, in some states, even your pharmacist!

Certified Aesthetic Providers™ (CAP) are more available than ever before with qualified healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and their getting the proper training they need to administer Botox® injections. 

This expanded accessibility has not only made treatments more prevalent but also more affordable.

Aesthetic Medicine: Today to Yesteryears

Today, individuals can transform and rejuvenate their appearance without invasive surgical procedures. 

In this thriving field, there’s a wide array of treatments for every beauty woe you can think of – be it pesky wrinkles, stubborn acne, unwanted hair or annoying cellulite.

Thanks to trailblazers like Botox®, the beauty industry is booming, fueled by clients who are knowledgeable, self-assured, and keen on these non-surgical treatments.

So, basically, Botox® is like the superstar of aesthetic medicine – it’s grown crazy fast and everyone wants a piece. 

With its lure of easy makeovers, aesthetic medicine keeps drawing in more folks wanting to boost how they look and their overall life quality.

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