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Aesthetic Practice Marketing Resources

If you’re looking for tips and suggestions on services we trust to help you get your marketing plan started, look no further!

Read on for our preferred partners to help you ramp up your marketing efforts.

Get more great tips on starting your aesthetic medical practice with our 8-Step Starter Guide!

Customer Contact Tools

  • Constant Contact ( – An easy way to send monthly newsletters, invitations to special events and other email communications with your patients.
  • Provide Support  ( – Very economical way to add “chat” to your website. For only $99/year, you can have a “chat now” button added to your website. You can communicate with any computer that is connected via the internet.
  • Grasshopper ( – this is a virtual phone system that lets you call forward your practice number to any phone (i.e. cell phone), have voice mail with the ability to email your voice messages, and to accept faxes and email them to you.
  • Call Ruby ( – After hours phone support. This is a great answering service to extend your business hours for new patient calls and other requests without having to stay open longer.

Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Appointment-Plus ( – Starting at $89/m this web based software not only acts as a scheduler, but also as a point of sale system for your procedures and retail (skin care) sales.

Website & Design Tools

  • Authentic Marketing Solutions (– is a website design and online marketing company that specializes in aesthetic practices, physician weight loss centers, and medical spas.
  • WordPress ( – This is a popular website (blogging) software.  Many website designers use WordPress as the basis of the websites they design.
  • 99 Designs ( – This is a crowdsourcing website where you can get logo design work done. 
  • ( – A great resource for any content writing or other freelance projects you need help with for your practice!

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Online Marketing Tools

Local Listing Services:

Google PPC (pay per click advertising):

Press Release Distribution Services:

Electronic Medical Record Software

When choosing an EMR, make sure it has medispa needed features like text message reminders, inventory management, point of sale (product sales), online scheduling, ability to upload photos,  and create custom fields:


Doctor and business man shaking hands

How to Hire A Great Team

Chances are you've probably never had any training about how to hire and support a practice culture. It's vital to the growth and success of your practice!

Calculator and business charts

How to Price Your Aesthetic Treatments​

It can be hard to know where to start when you're trying to price out your treatments. Learn how to know how much your patients are willing to pay for aesthetic procedures.

male doctor talking to female patient

Patient Retention Strategies

If you don't already have a patient retention plan in place, you could be losing patients already to another practice! Learn valuable ways to keep your patients happy and engaged.

Bump Out Your Burnout With Botox®

Comprehensive Hands-on Botox® Injection Training

Join +10,000 MDs/DOs, PAs and NPs from all medical specialties who have successful freed up more time and secured their financial future with our Successful Aesthetic Practice System™ at the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.

June 2-5
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Botox Best Practices Book Cover
Sells for $9.99. Yours, FREE!

Learn Best Practices for injecting Botox® like emerging trends, expert discussion, recommendations, and more

Yours for $9.99 $0 when you subscribe to get our emails. Unsubscribe anytime.

Aesthetic Medicine Symposium
June 2-5, 2023

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Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

June 2-5, 2023

Only 5 spots left!