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Starting an Aesthetic Medical Practice: Part 2

aesthetic medical practice

In part one of this 4 part series, we focused on the initial set up and location of your Medical Spa Practice. Once all those elements are in place, it is important to focus on the interior elements of your practice, such as design and aesthetics. Having a relaxing, inviting reception area of your practice should be one of the most important factors of your business, especially if it is an aesthetic medical practice. You want people to feel like you’re walking into a spa-like medical office.

Have a suitable reception area design

You want your reception area to make a positive first impression. Upon walking in, have soft music playing and ensure that design pallets are calm and serene, so that your patients feel this way while they are waiting. Try to avoid aggressive colors, such as oranges and reds, which can induce anxiety levels. Next, ensure that there is ample seating, designed with function and privacy in mind. It’s a nice touch to surround the seating with greenery, such as plants or grasses (real or artificial). Even fresh cut flowers on the reception desk are a nice touch.  All of these design factors can help you to enrich the customer’s impression of your practice – for your one-time patients, but also for your returning patients who will spend some time in your waiting area at every visit. A poor design setup can contribute to your patient’s sense of anxiety, which in turn can impact their impression of the level of care that they are about to receive.

Engage and entertain your patients

In an aesthetic practice, ensure that you are appealing to your niche audience. It is likely that the patron visiting your practice is concerned about health and beauty, and will be interested in such topics. Thus, ensure that you have ample information and literature around the office to help to sell your services. For example, if you are performing a weight loss treatment such as a Clean Start Weight Loss Program, why not advertise a cross-sell treatment such as laser hair removal? Or advertise your skin care services, if applicable.  Even further, have pamphlets, magazines and even a cycling TV ad system that informs and educates the patrons of the options and benefits of your services.

Cleanliness is key

In aesthetic practices, your patient is being treated on an intimate level. Therefore, it is very important that they feel the environment in which they are being treated is clean and sanitary. Make sure that the exterior and interior of the building is clean and free of debris, as is the interior. Carpets should be clean and stain free, chairs should be made of materials that are not stain absorbing, and the waiting area should be neutral smelling but fresh. If you have windows and there are no cool drafts, it’s a nice touch to have one ajar so to let in some fresh air.

Hire the right receptionist

This is an often overlooked aspect of the physical design qualities of your practice, but so incredibly important. The receptionist is the first point of contact in your practice with your patrons. If you ensure that you hire a pleasant receptionist with a warm disposition, it can impact your patrons in a positive way. In order for your patrons to be return customers, having a positive experience with your reception can make or break their opinion of your practice and the services you offer. Further, if you have patrons that are feeling nervous about their treatments, a warm smile and a word of kindness from the right receptionist can help to alleviate any stress that your patient might feel.

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