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Dysport vs Botox Information for Physicians

Physicians looking for more information on Dysport vs Botox attend the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training. Since first introduced to the medical community in 1989, as a treatment for eye muscle disorders, administering of Botulinum Toxin Type A has now become the most popular non-invasive aesthetic medical procedure performed worldwide.

Botox®: Botox has been manufactured and studied in the US since 1985, and was officially approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in April 2002. Botox Cosmetic from Allergan uses a form of the botulinum toxin so that when it is injected into facial lines, those muscles are paralyzed, making the wrinkles invisible. Results last for three to eight months and are visible within a few days after treatment.  For specific product information from Allergan, go to https://www.allergan.com/assets/pdf/botox_cosmetic_pi.pdf.

Dysport (TM):  Dysport, from Medicis, has been studied in Europe since 1988, has been available for use outside the US since 1991, and was recently approved for cosmetic use in the US in May 2009.  Dysport is an injection used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults less than 65 years. The dose of Dysport is not the same as or interchangeable with the dose of any other botulinum toxin product, e.g Botox Cosmetic. For specific product information from Medicis, go to https://www.medicis.com/products/pi/pi_dysport.pdf.

Here are some additional Botulinum Toxin (Dysport vs Botox) articles:

IAPAM Best Practices for the Injection of Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) – Since first introduced to the medical community in 1989, as a treatment for eye muscle disorders, administering of Botulinum Toxin Type A: Botox® and similar neurotoxin injectables, has now become the most popular non-invasive aesthetic medical procedure performed worldwide.

Dysport vs Botox – IAPAM Expert Discussion Given the FDA approval of the new botulinum toxin A product, Dysport, in 2009, a competitor to the well establish Botox Cosmetic, the IAPAM recently queried its members and physicians with comprehensive experience in the use of botulinum toxin injectables, to develop a report comparing these two products.  This discussion is considered a critical element in the IAPAM’s comprehensive botox training programs. Read More

Botox Training Program Tips for Physicians – Botox Cosmetic injections are the most popular aesthetic medical procedure performed in the U.S.  However, such market growth has lead to the undesired reality that physicians mistakenly think that all they need to do is hang out a sign and start injecting. The IAPAM now offers doctors these tips for selecting a botox training program. Read more Botox Training Tips.


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