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How long after Botox® can you lay down?

With treatments as quick and convenient as Botox® injections, it can be easy to forget about your aftercare routine. There are a handful of recommendations when it comes to aftercare for Botox®, some of which are more critical than others. Here are some simple tips you can follow to get the most out of your treatment.

drink alcohol after Botox

What happens if I drink alcohol after Botox®?

Alcohol can cause some serious consequences if consumed right after getting a Botox® treatment. Alcohol can thin the blood and it can cause the blood vessels to dilate, which can result in unnecessary bruising.

Following your Botox® treatment, you really want any bruising to be kept to an absolute minimum, especially if you’re one of those people who have a tendency to bruise more easily.

After your treatment, you may feel a bit drowsy and / or dizzy. This will go away after a little bit of time and is nothing to worry about, but you should tell your provider about any symptoms you have.

A glass of wine can mirror the symptoms you may be feeling after a Botox® treatment. In other words, a glass of wine after a long exhausting day may also make you feel rather dizzy or drowsy — so drinking after your treatment may make it harder for you to relay accurate information to your provider.

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Does alcohol dry your skin after Botox®?

Yes, drinking alcohol after Botox® can dry your skin out. Dry skin can prolong the healing process and may cause your results to be less dramatic than they could be.

In the short term, drinking alcohol can cause dry skin, flushing, dark circles, and decreased elasticity.

The effects of dehydration from alcohol are well known and include:

  • loss of elasticity, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin
  • dryness
  • dullness
  • enlarged pores
Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin, depriving it of the moisture and nutrients it needs to keep our complexion looking radiant, supple and youthful.

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Getting a Botox® treatment is all about enhancing the appearance of your skin, helping you and your skin appear fresher and younger. Having dry skin should surely be something you’re eager to avoid, especially during the healing stage that follows your treatment.

Having an experienced Botox® injector is crucial is the first step in getting great results with a Botox® treatment. But you can do your part to aid that process. In order to make the most of your Botox® after treatment, we recommend avoiding a drink for a couple of days.

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