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Too Much Botox®: Botox® Gone Wrong?

Have you ever met someone and wondered if there was something off with the way their face looked? Perhaps a little too much Botox®? Unusually tight-looking facial expressions or a stiff-looking forehead? An asymmetry in their face that you don’t recall having seen before? Any of these could be signs of Botox® gone wrong.

Let’s review some real-life examples of Botox® gone bad – and how you can ensure “too much Botox®” is not in your cards.

Too Much Botox- Botox Gone Wrong

Masseter Botox® Gone Wrong

Masseter Botox® is one of the rare risks of jaw treatment causing a crooked smile. However, this side effect may not result from an excessive dose of jaw Botox® but instead from the botulinum toxin unintentionally diffusing into surrounding muscles.

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Botox® Masseter Crooked Smile

One of the possible masseter Botox® side effects is jawline or smile asymmetry. Generally, this condition is temporary and should only last for a short time.

Forehead Botox® Gone Wrong

If Botox® is injected into the forehead to diminish wrinkles and it drops the forehead and upper eyelid, it gives an aged, tired appearance. Ask your physician for a subtle treatment with a balanced look.

Botox® in Chin Gone Wrong

The muscles in the chin are small and close together. In rare cases, Botox® injections around the chin can affect muscles asymmetrically and cause a lopsided appearance to the lower lip.

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Botched Botox® Crows Feet

If, for example, your crow’s feet have been reduced more on one side than the other side, you’ll have an uneven appearance.

Only a qualified injector knows that Botox is an effective anti aging solution but also knows that too much of it can take away your natural facial expressions. Moreover, when it comes to Botox®, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.

Botox® Frozen Face

There are plenty of indicators for Botox® frozen faces:
  • An oddly expressionless look
  • Unmoving forehead muscles
  • Unemotional appearing smiling
  • A stiff overall looking face
You can avoid a Botox® frozen face in the first place by choosing Baby Botox®. Also, Botulinum toxin injections for wrinkles should be spaced out and not given too early; otherwise, you may freeze the muscles completely.

Spock Eyebrows Botox®

Too much forehead Botox® can lead to an overarched brow, ala Captain Spock from Star Trek, just one degree shy of a frozen forehead. In this case, inappropriate placement of Botulinum toxin has caused the eyebrow’s tail to look pulled.

Choose your doctor carefully because Botox® injections boil down to understanding facial anatomy to prevent Spock eyebrows from happening.

Too Much Botox® - What if you Got Too Much?

The most common scenarios that lead to too much Botox® are commonly related to an inexperienced provider.

Getting Botox® injections from a provider who has been fully trained and has gained significant familiarity with how this drug works through ample clinical practice is crucial. Botox® works by relaxing muscle contractions. When the muscle is too relaxed, the following may occur:

  • Too much Botox® in the frontalis muscles makes the eyebrows arch too high on the forehead, which leaves you with a surprised look at all times.
  • Too much Botox® in the forehead muscles causes the eyebrows to droop, which makes your face look upset all the time by making the upper eyelids look heavy and hooded.
  • Too much Botox® around the eyes dramatically affects your facial expression – the face is simply frozen.
  • Too much Botox® around the mouth leads to an odd-looking permanent smile that resembles The Joker from Batman movies.

Botox® Before and After Gone Wrong

What are the signs that your Botox® treatment has not gone as planned? Unusual results such as facial asymmetry (one side doesn’t match the other), overarching eyebrows, drooping eyelids, or inability to move the forehead are clear signs of Botox® gone wrong.

When it comes to Botox®, less is more. When injected in small doses by a skilled practitioner, you will achieve a subtle and natural look that doesn’t prevent your face from moving.

A good Botox® treatment lets you appear more rested, with more defined brows, more open eyes, and skin that takes on a smoother and more youthful appearance.

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