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Botox® Mouth Corners to Botox® Smile Lift Treatment

Botox injections may be appropriate for people whose mouth corners naturally draw down at rest.

In your face, you have many muscles that you use to make facial expressions. Most of these muscles attach to the skin around your mouth. Some pull your upper lips up, others pull your lower lips down, and others pull the corners of your mouth outward.

You use these muscles to move your lips when eating, speaking, smiling, or making other facial expressions. Some of the muscles around your mouth depress the corner of the mouth, and some elevate the corner. Two main muscles that cause downturning of the mouth are the DAO muscle (depressor angularis oris) and the DLI muscle (depressor labii inferioris).

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Drooping Mouth Corners— Botox®

Two main reasons for drooping mouth corners are:
  • repetitive frowning
  • aging

Repetitive frowning can cause the muscles around the mouth to turn downwards, which, when overused, can lead to drooping mouth corners.

In addition, the deterioration of collagen and elastin during the natural aging process causes the skin to sag or look lax. In the mouth area, this can lead to the appearance of drooping mouth corners. Even when it’s not the case, they can make a face appear sad, angry, or tired.

Drooping mouth corners can be treated using Botox® to relax the muscles that cause downturning of the mouth.

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Botox® to Lift Corners of Mouth

Again, as noted earlier, Botox® relaxes the muscles that are pulling the corners of your mouth downwards. Specifically, it is injected directly into the depressor anguli oris muscle, which blocks the transition of chemical messages sent from the nerve causing the muscle to contract.

Botox® allows the muscles to stay in a relaxed resting state and leads to the elevation of the edges of the mouth.

Smile Lift Treatment with Botox®

Botox® can treat many specific problem areas around the mouth and is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. More popularly known as a Botox® Smile Lift, this treatment elevates the corners of the mouth and smooths lines and wrinkles at the sides of the mouth.

Drooping Mouth Corners Before and After

By correcting your droopy mouth corners you will achieve a neutral, lifted look that looks youthful and aesthetically pleasing. In other words, that tired look you had before the treatment will be gone after your treatment.

It takes three to five days for the first results of the Botox® Smile lift to appear. After a Botox® treatment, the full effects are visible after about two weeks.

The Botox® smile lift is a temporary treatment that lasts three to six months. Botox® specialists recommend repeated sessions every three to four months for continued results.

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