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How long after Botox® can you lay down?

With treatments as quick and convenient as Botox® injections, it can be easy to forget about your aftercare routine. There are a handful of recommendations when it comes to aftercare for Botox®, some of which are more critical than others. Here are some simple tips you can follow to get the most out of your treatment.

How long after Botox lay down

You may be sore or a little tired after having Botox® injected, but you should avoid laying down for the first 4 hours after the injections. Both bending and laying down could spread the toxin and lead to bruising at the injection site.

Lying down too soon after the Botox® has settled in, will increase the chance of it mitigating away to a different area of your face. This could then reduce the effectiveness of your treatment, specifically, if you’ve only had your Botox® in a small specific area of your face like the vertical ’11’ frown lines or the typical crow’s feet area.

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How long after Botox® can I sleep on my side and do I need to sleep in a certain position?

Again, as long as you wait at least 4 hours before lying down, you can sleep in any position that you desire. Botox® takes a few hours to settle into place, so lying down right away could cause it to migrate to other muscles in your face and increase the risk of complications.

The main point about laying down after a Botox® treatment is that you don’t want to be putting pressure on areas of treatment. In other words, you want to eliminate any activity that gets in the way of allowing Botox® to diffuse correctly into your muscles.

How long before I can touch my face after Botox®?

If you don’t want to spread the toxins from Botox® to other parts of your body, don’t touch your face after having Botox®. Since most people touch their face subconsciously and without even knowing it, this may take a certain amount of planning and awareness.

Do your very best not to if you want your Botox® injections to stay where they should on your face. If you didn’t have Botox® on your face, the same is true for whatever part of your body you had Botox® injected.

While moving your muscles and making natural expressions is okay, another activity that we recommend avoiding after receiving Botox® is rubbing the areas of injection.As mentioned previously, doing so can potentially cause the Botox® to spread to other areas of the face.

It is important not to press on the injection areas for at least several hours while the Botox® diffuses throughout the muscle that it was injected in.

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What if I laid down after my Botox® treatment?

If you forgot, or you just didn’t know, don’t stress about it.

Although we recommend not lying down for a minimum of 4 hours after a treatment, this is more to ensure that the procedure is as effective as possible.

What if I need to sleep after my Botox® treatment?

Having an experienced Botox® injector is crucial is the first step in getting great results with a Botox® treatment. Taking active steps to maximize that experience is something you can do with proper after care.

If you must sleep after your Botox® treatment, the best position to sleep in is on your back. This prevents your face from coming into contact with the pillow; the goal is to avoid any risk of pressure being placed on the injection sites that could cause the Botox® to migrate away from the area that it’s intended to treat.

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