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Botox Training Course with CME Certification

If your patients have been asking for Botox®, or you are tired of reducing insurance reimbursements, consider adding cosmetic injectables, like Botox® to your practice. 

Learn how to create a profitable practice by following our industry-leading IAPAM 3-Step Botox Training Protocol™. We have the only accelerated program taught by board-certified cosmetic dermatologists! You will be ready to treat patients after attending our weekend program. 

Learn the Latest Botox Administration Techniques

At the Symposium, our Board Certified dermatologists will teach you proper techniques and expert injection tips in our medical training facility in proper patient treatment chairs (not hotel chairs, which are too low for proper Botox injection technique). As part of our 3-Step Botox Training Protocol™, you will receive facial injection charts for you to use during the hands-on Botox classes. You will also have access to our clinical library of Botox treatments, including: treating a gummy smile, hyperhydrosis, and many other in-demand treatment protocols. Since patient comfort is important, we will also cover the latest in pain management for Botox injections.

Did You Know Injectables Are Actually a Low Profit Procedure?

The Truth Is…

…You aren’t going to add a lot of profit to your practice by simply adding injectables. The best way to make more money and work less is actually by adding ancillary services as well.

The IAPAM can help you with the exclusive Successful Aesthetic Practice System™.

This aesthetic practice framework is based on the best-selling practice management book, Secrets to a Successful Practice. You will not only learn how to inject Botox®, but you’ll also learn about the Top 5 Non-Invasive Procedures, ensuring you have a profitable practice. Our training includes dermatologist-led hands-on Botox training for licensed healthcare prescribers (MD, DO, DDS, PA, NP).

The best part is, you can have your staff do many of these procedures, saving you time while making you money!

Don’t let time keep slipping past you. Join us for one of our dermatologist-led live training events and take back your freedom today!

3-Step Botox Training Protocol™ Overview:

Step 1: Complete the Introduction to Cosmetic Injectables Online Certification
Step 2: Attend Symposium Didactic and Hands-on Workshop
Step 3: Perform 12 upper face Botulinum Toxin injections on friends and family

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How to become Botox certified?

You must be a licensed healthcare provider in order to prescribe Botox.  You will need to provide proof of your designation and valid medical license upon enrollment to a Botox injection class. Without this, you cannot get certified or perform injections.

We accept MD’s, DO’s, DMD’s, NMD’s, ND’s, PAs (physician assistants), NP’s (nurse practitioners), RN’s, LPN/LVN’s, and DDS’s into our cosmetic injectable training (Botox classes). However licensed medical practitioners (healthcare professionals) should always check with their state boards to see if there are any restrictions in their scope of practice. Please note those who cannot prescribe (i.e. RN’s and LPN’s) can only attend with licensed prescriber or an IAPAM member.

The IAPAM also allows non-medical individuals to attend at a reduced rate. However they are not eligible to perform any procedures and can only attend with someone who has prescribing authority.

Many programs have undisclosed “instructors,” you should only choose a program that is led by true experts of the skin, board-certified cosmetic dermatologists. Check out their Faculty page, ensure you are learning from experts who have performed 1000’s of injections. 

Where you perform your injections is very important, your Injection training should be performed in a medical practice, or ideally a dermatology practice. 

Per the FDA, any Botox injection training should be done in clean medical facility, not a hotel room. Botox injections are considered “clean” procedures, and should be done in a proper environment. The technique is different when done in a hotel room chair vs a medical treatment table/chair. Your time is limited, learn the right techniques. 

Every medical procedure has protocols, including cosmetic injections. The IAPAM has a proprietary 5-Step Botox Training Protocol™ that details the best practices of performing cosmetic injectables. 

You cannot learn how to inject via online courses, you need to see and inject real, live patients. Ensure your Botox course allows you to perform injections on live patients. It’s best if you are able to see and perform injectable consultations on at least 5 patients so you can learn how the anatomy varies from patient to patient. Botox Certification Courses where you can only inject the one patient you bring as model are not very effective since no two people have the exact same musculature. 

Any Botox certification program should be ACCME CME approved. After you have completed your Botox CME education you will receive a certification from the training provider and in most cases CME/CE credits. Congratulations! You are now ready to start offering Botox treatments to your patients! Start GROWING your practice! 

Do More With Your Time... Get The Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures

As medical professionals, we know your time is limited and valuable, so we have combined the Top 5 most popular aesthetic procedures into one extended weekend. This is like getting 5 courses in one! Not only will you learn how to inject Botox, but we also cover Dermal Filler TrainingLaser Hair Removal Training, Chemical Peel Training, and Microdermabrasion Training. As a bonus, we have also added: Laser Tattoo Removal Training and Body Shaping/Tightening to our program.

No other program will prepare you to open a successful, and more importantly, profitable aesthetic practice or medical spa.

Example of laser tattoo removal training

Learn from Leaders in Aesthetic Medicine

IAPAM’s faculty is comprised of leading dermatologists who are experts in current aesthetic medicine techniques. You work closely with them in a small group for individual attention to your specific needs. Their professionalism and experience is unmatched in the industry.

At the IAPAM, we will also teach you:

  • how to safely and effectively administer Botox®
  • how to avoid potential pitfalls
  • ways to adopt established good practices
  • advanced aesthetic techniques
  • business matters relating to the set-up of your clinic

You will leave the Botox certification event with not only the basic knowledge and an appreciation of acceptable good practices, but also a reference manual and additional direction for further study. And, you will have continued access to our members’ section and a wealth of industry-related information that is constantly expanding.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the IAPAM

Reason #1: We are the only Botox® course that has 3 board-certified cosmetic dermatologists on their teaching faculty (and we actually identify them on our website!). You only learn from experts of the skin.

Reason #2: All of our injection classes are done in a medical practice or a medical spa. As per the FDA, we never offer our classes in a hotel room.

Reason #3: In addition to aesthetics training, we combine the business aspect of running an aesthetic business, so you learn everything you need to know to be successful and grow your practice. At the Symposium, we cover not only Botox®, but cover the Top 5 non-invasive cosmetic procedures. You are getting more for your money and time.

Reason #4: As a member of the IAPAM, you will receive unlimited practice support as long as you are a member.

Reason #5: 99.3% of our attendees would recommend this Symposium to their colleagues who are interested in aesthetic medicine! Just check out our Symposium Report Card below and see for yourself!

Excellent results on report card

Check Out Our Report Card!

Over the last 14 years, the IAPAM has trained over 5,000 physicians. We pride ourselves in providing the best CME certified hands-on training in the medical aesthetics field. We want to ensure transparency with our training, so we publish the evaluation rankings of every Symposium (IAPAM Reviews)!

Be Supported in Your Pursuit of Success!

You will never be alone! As a member of the IAPAM, you will receive unlimited support from our staff and expert faculty of physicians. Not only will you receive a large physician reference manual, and best practices handouts, you will also be able to ask any questions at any time, as long as you are member. Over 5,000 physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners (and other healthcare professionals) have attended our programs. All of our symposiums sell out fast, so please don’t wait, sign up today!

Feel free to check out the many physician, physician assistant and nurse practitioner testimonials that are on our website. Over 98% of our attendees would recommend our training to a colleague! No other Botox training program can boast that record!!


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