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Tips on How to Start an Aesthetic Clinic

When we look at the historic increase in the demand for minimally invasive procedures like Botox®, laser hair removaldermal fillers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion, it is obvious why so many physicians want to add aesthetic procedures to their medical practice or open a medical spa.  

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For physicians to do this successfully, they not only need to find an effective aesthetic and Botox® training program to learn the right Botox® injection techniques, but they also need to learn something they may not have learned in medical school, the business of Botox® and aesthetic medicine.

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) has many tips for physicians looking at adding aesthetics, how to start an aesthetic clinic and looking for credible Botox® training.  

The first step is to put your plan in writing; first, think about when you’ll see your cosmetic patients. 

Aesthetic medicine patients are different from your medical patients; they like to come in during the lunch hour, after work, and on weekends. 

So this gives you a lot of flexibility to see them when you’re not seeing medical patients.

Marketing is another item covered off at the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop

Unlike medical patients who will generally find your medical practice, you are going to have to have an active marketing program to find new cosmetic patients. 

Now, more than ever, proper participation on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn are all important. 

At the workshop, you’ll learn from the owners of successful aesthetic medicine practices and how they use social media for cosmetic practice marketing.

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How to Start an Aesthetic Clinic

Using Google and Bing SEO

People use search engines to look up everything, whether it is a product they want or a service they require. 

A clinic’s potential patients are also Google and Bing Users and to get the attention of these users you need SEO marketing. 

SEO helps generate traffic and offers a high rate of conversion because the people who open your website by looking up SEO keywords are those who actually need your services. 

A practice can significantly benefit from using keywords targeted at the local audience and attract more patients to their clinic.

Social Media posting is very important in a practice but it is very time-consuming therefore you will want to invest in a Social Media service to post to your platforms.  

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing will help with your practice engagement and is a great ROI.

The Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop gives physicians an opportunity to learn what they didn’t learn in medical school, and give them a chance to jumpstart their aesthetic medical practice!

For more information on the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop, please visit: . 

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Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

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