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Dr. Oz and the Diet

I will always remember the day, February 22, 2011….. it was the day that changed my Medically Supervised Weight Loss clinic’s life forever… Dr. Oz discussed the diet for weight loss!

Since that day, we have had over 1,200 people successfully lose weight in our medical practice. We still get people saying they first heard about using this new drug for weight loss on the Dr. Oz show. Is this weight loss a new fad? Heavens no, it was first used for weight loss by Dr. Simeons in 1954!

Male patient getting tummy measured with measuring tape

I first heard about the diet in 2008 from several IAPAM physician members. 

They had downloaded the original Dr Simeons Pounds and Inches manuscript and did the weight loss program themselves, with great success. 

After seeing their friends and family also lose weight, they started offering it to their patients. Did they see complications? 

No, they saw their patients getting healthier by weighing less: they didn’t need as many medications as they did before, they slept better, their joints felt better, they had more energy, etc.  

The benefits were nothing but positive.

The key to a successful weight loss is to have physician supervision, use pharmaceutical grade of the weight management drug (not homeopathic which is nothing more than sugar water), and have a detailed medical with labs before starting the program. 

It’s absolutely shocking to see people buy “homeopathic diet drops” from the internet and expect it to actually work! 

The FDA has even banned these phony drugs. What these people don’t realize is what they are doing is actually very dangerous. It was nice to see Dr. Oz discuss the diet.   

I was very interested to see what a cardiologist would say about the restricted 500 calorie/day diet. I have to say, he was very fair in his review. 

I fully agree with his advice that you should only embark on this weight diet program when:

(1) Supervised by an experienced physician with proper training, like the Clean Start Weight Loss program,

(2) Never buy over the internet; only use pharmaceutical grade as prescribed by a physician. If it is not prescribed by a physician then it is homeopathic and has been found to only contain sugar and water, and

(3) Successful weight loss requires that the patient follow a proven diet protocol precisely.

In the last 5 years, IAPAM trained over 4,000 physicians who have treated over 55,000 patients successfully with pharmaceutical grade weight management drug while following the IAPAM for Weight Loss protocols.

Physicians looking to add medically supervised weight loss to their practices should attend the next IAPAM Medical Weight Loss Program

By Jeff Russell, Best Selling Author of Secrets to a Successful Practice and Executive Director of the IAPAM.

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