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Our necks are under constant stress of twists and turns throughout our lifetime. As we get older, this stress starts to show its effects on the skin and the muscles within the neck. As a result, the jaw line may appear distorted and the skin of the neck may start to sag. This can give a rather unpleasant appearance and can make a person rather self conscious of this. It is commonly called ‘turkey neck’.

It is in such situations that Botox® comes to the rescue. However, it does require special skill, and in this article we shall take a brief look as to how this treatment has now made every woman’s (and man’s) neck look beautiful and elegant.

The Nefertiti lift

When the skin of the neck starts to sag and the muscles lose their tone, the neck can appear unsightly and unpleasant. Enter the Nefertiti lift. This technique involves administering multiple Botox® injections at strategic points in the neck along the jaw line and the corners of the mouth. The Botox® acts by paralysing the muscles in the neck temporarily. The resultant effect is one of tighter skin and increased muscle tone. The vertebral bands that develop within the platysma muscle through years of contraction and relaxation are smoothened out due to muscle relaxation.

The advantage of the Nefertiti lift is that it corrects the flaws in the neck line and the jaw lines without making it look unnatural. However, experts have recommended using these procedures with caution, advising that they be performed by experts.

The reason for this concern is simple. The neck is packed with vital structures that lie in close proximity to the platysma muscle and accidental injection into any of these structures can have a detrimental effect. Physiological functions such as swallowing may be affected. Some patients have been reported to need help with feeding after the procedure as well.

Offering combination treatments

Often, neck lifts are accompanied by face lifts to help give the patient an overall cosmetic enhancement. Fillers may be used to smoothen out any irregularities though these are not always offered.

Advantages of botox treatment

The main advantage of Botox® treatment for neck lines is that the improvement is seen fairly quickly, and patient satisfaction rates are high. However, care must be taken to ensure that treatments are offered by healthcare professionals with expertise in this area of Botox® injections.


If you are looking for a smooth neckline and a treatment that will shave off years from your external appearance, then Botox® injections are the answer. Neck line treatments help offer a rejuvenated look when performed by expert healthcare professionals.

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