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Do You Feel Like You’re Sacrificing Your Quality of Life?

      You’re frustrated by ever-shrinking insurance reimbursements.

      Burnout is your norm from too many hours and too many patients.

      Dealing with ever-changing insurance requirements leaves you exhausted.

      You’re missing out on important time with family and friends.

Whether you own your own practice, want to start one or are looking for a way to add income on your days off, you can work less AND earn more by including Botox® and other profitable aesthetic procedures.

We know what it feels like to work more and earn less.
Join the 6,500+ healthcare providers who have already said YES
to a better quality of life.

Your Path to a Successful Practice

1. Start with AestheticsBotox Certification Training

Your first step is to add aesthetic procedures to your repertoire of skills. Only the IAPAM offers the exclusive Successful Aesthetic Practice System™. Here you will learn the 5-Step Botox Training Protocol™ at our Dermatologist-ledCME Hands-on Botox Training that takes place in a Dermatology Practice! Also learn the Top 5 most profitable aesthetic procedures giving your patients the full package!

2. Add Medical Weight Loss

If you want to make a difference in your patient’s lives, you will want to offer medical weight loss and body sculpting to your practice. Add our CME approved Medically-supervised Clean Start Weight Loss®  Ketogenic / Intermittent Fasting Diet Program, Pharmaceutical Options (Phentermine Protocols), and the ever-popular, Non-Invasive Body Sculpting (CoolSculpting, EmSculpt).

3. Get Business Training

Learn how to create an “autonomous practice” that runs without you at the Secrets to a Successful Practice Workshop. This is the business course you never had in medical school! Best selling author, Jeff Russell, will share his tips and strategies of creating and operating a successful aesthetic practice. Includes: Practice Startup Guide, How to Hire, Complete MedSpa Marketing Plan, Developing a Pricing Strategy, Creating a Menu of Services and Legal & Regulations.

Join These Successful Members in Creating Your Successful Aesthetics Practice

Dermatologist Led Hands-On CME Training with Business Best Practices

Are you ready to GROW? The IAPAM is where the world’s healthcare providers come together to obtain Internationally recognized Aesthetic Medicine and Botox Injection Training Certification that takes place in a Dermatology practice (not a hotel room!).

Our expert faculty of dermatologists will guide you with the latest techniques during our Hands-On CME Botox Training programs, Laser Training, Chemical Peel Training, Weight Loss Training, or one of our other hands-on aesthetic training programs.

The IAPAM team will help you GROW you and your practice. Not only with clinical training but ongoing resources and support to help your practice move continuously in an upward trend with patient acquisition, marketing initiatives and most importantly increased revenue.

We know you didn’t take any business classes at medical school, so you’ll learn how to create a profitable aesthetics practice.

GROW your Practice Now! - Get Started Now with the #1 Aesthetic Procedure: Botox

Best practices for injecting botox ebookIn the IAPAM’s special free “Best Practices for Botox Injection Training” ebook. You will learn about: Procedures and Practice Considerations, Effective Pain Management for injectable Patients, IAPAM’s Consensus Recommendations for treating Botox patients, techniques, emerging trends, and an expert discussion on Botox® vs Xeomin® vs Dysport®.

Add the #1 Most Requested Procedure: Weight Loss

At any given time, there are over 72 million Americans dieting, spending over $58 Billion on weight loss products. With 70.2% of Americans overweight or obese, you will be now be able to offer them an effective weight loss program, while adding $100,000-$900,000/yr in non-insurance based revenue to your practice!

Over 80,000 patients have successfully, safely and quickly lost weight on the IAPAM Clean Start Weight Loss program (up to 30lbs in 40 days in many cases). In addition, we cover Ketogenic / Intermittent Fasting protocols, and Phentermine prescribing protocols.

Weight loss and wellness is a passion of mine. I’ve been trained and had huge success with the IAPAM.  We’ve seen people lose everything from 25 to even 100 lbs. We’ve had people doing everything from feeling better and looking better. We’ve had people get off their diabetic medicine, off their high blood pressure medicine.

– Dr. Rosemary Bates, MD
Bates Wellness Centre

Meet Jeff Russell


Jeff is one of the founders of the IAPAM and currently serves as the IAPAM’s Executive Director and is the author of Secrets to a Successful Practice. Jeff is also an established aesthetic industry thought leader and business expert in the medical spa and aesthetic practice industry. He is a sought-after contributor to reputable medical publications.

Furthermore, Jeff is a frequent chair and lecturer at healthcare conferences. Jeff’s expertise focuses on educating healthcare professionals toward successfully integrating aesthetic procedures into medical practices.

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Hands-on Botox Training

Attend our live training event at the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ

Our symposium class sizes are now smaller to accommodate physical distancing and we have also implemented protocols for safe live events.

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