The IAPAM’s Training is “packed with valuable information, motivation, and fun positive energy.”

Botox_Training-eye-602IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

“I’ve been in medicine for 25 years and spent hundreds of hours in CME.  Never before have I attended a conference that was so packed with valuable information, motivation, and fun positive energy.  It’s like they gave us all of their trade secrets!  Thanks so much IAPAM for delivering and continuing to be there for our questions.” ~ J. Jordan, MD (Feb ’14)

“I found it to be a comprehensive introduction to the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine. I especially enjoyed Day 2 with the live demos and hands-on botox/dermal filler facial rejuvenation techniques, which are of particular interest to me in my medical practice……. I hope to enhance my experience by attending the facial injectible boot camp course later on in Toronto.  Overall, I must highly compliment Jeff, all the presenters, and the organizers for a most useful preparatory course that has provided me with an excellent stepping stone into the aesthetic field.  Thanks a million!”  ~ G. Gibbon, MD (Feb ’14)

“We whole-fully enjoyed the presentations and felt that we got way more info than expected.  The entire staff was so personable and open to helping with any question or concern about incorporating this into our practice.  It was a great idea to have us go to the derm practice to get hands on with Botox…..Thank you again for the wonderful experience and hope to return to the medical weight loss class soon. ” ~ T. Khan, MD (Feb ’14)

“Good overheads and good results!” ~ A. Wilbanks, PA-C (Feb ’14)

“It best related to where I am currently and addressed my need to learn how to open my own medspa.  It was excellent value for money.  Very valuable teaching, loved the passion of teaching that all the speakers had.” ~ R. Sandhu, MD (Feb ’14)

“[The Symposium was a good value for money]…..Yes, it was great.  Just right.” ~ D. King, NP (Feb ’14)

“[The Symposium was excellent].  Worth coming from China!” ~ J. Chow, MD (Feb ’14)

“This was the first CME I have ever attended where every topic held my attention 100%. I did not realize the importance of total skin care. Overall, an excellent conference.” ~ J. Tabit, DO (Feb ’14)

“[I found] RF a fascinating new industry.” ~ D. Nelson, NP (Feb ’14)

“I loved the hands on treatment opportunities.” A. DeTar, MD (Feb ’14)

“Excellent – great info, especially the Business information.  Great course!  Learned a huge amount.  Very excited and reassured to proceed.” C. Gosch, MD (Feb ’14)

“Very informative and practical.” ~ Y. Suzuki, MD (Feb ’14)

“Tattoo removal [was the subject of most interest to me], and [the Symposium was an] Excellent Value. ~ P. Carnes, MD (Feb ’14)

“[The Symposium] was very well organized and hit all the pertinent points.  I think the whole experience was great and very helpful.” ~ P. Cherukupally, MD (Feb ’14)

“I found the Botox and Filler training [of most interest to me] because it was hands on training.  But I really enjoyed the chemical peel [training as well].  [The training] was about right.  I got tons of information that will benefit me.  It was really great.  I enjoyed all the speakers.” ~ A. Boris, RN (Feb ’14)

“Yes, great info giving you just enough info to get you interested and wanting more information.” ~ E. Thomas (Feb ’14)

“[The topic that was of most interest to me was] the Business aspect of the medspa, as well as the ancillary products, such as skin care, etc.”  Good value, just right.” ~ D. Romanelli, MD (Feb ’14)

“Excellent for MDs, as [the conference] gets to the point very quickly.” ~ T. Khan, MD (Feb ’14)

“[I really enjoyed] the Marketing and potential profit portion, as well as the Botox Administration.  Perfect.” ~ B. James, FNP-C (Feb ’14)

“Don’t change a thing! It was so informative and FUN.  Absolutely, well worth it. I went to another [conference] in South Florida, and it doesn’t compare!!” ~ P. Whalen, ARNP (Feb ’14)

IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training

“[The topic of most interest to me] was how to incorporate [Medical Weight Management] info my current business.  Yes, it was worth it.  I got some great tips on marketing.” ~ P. Cherukupally, MD (Feb ’14)

“Excellent! [I appreciated learning about] the cost of office/clinic set up.” ~ A. DeTar, MD (Feb ’14)

“Really enjoyed it!! Great tips on starting a practice.” ~ Anonymous (Feb ’14)

“Just about everything [I learned today was of importance to me].  Especially Good! Very informative.  Jeff was Great!” ~ J. Munneke, MD (Feb ’14)

“I appreciated the handouts, the $ per patient breakdowns and [managing patient] expectations.” ~ K. Rinehart, DPM (Feb ’14)

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