Success Tips – Do You Live the Happiness Equation?



For those who like structure and happiness, you’ll love Neil Pasricha’s “The Happiness Equation.”

The book reveals nine scientifically-backed secrets to happiness to show you that by wanting nothing and doing anything, you can have everything.

The basic equation is comprised of three parts:

  1. To want nothing (contentment)
  2. To do anything (freedom)
  3. To have everything (happiness)

Most math equations have only one correct answer. However, everyone’s happiness equation will most likely look different.

If you desire a happy life you need to be intentional about it. The author gives us a cue sheet for this by identifying seven research-supported things we can do to ‘train our brain’ to be happy. Here they are:

  1. Walk – at least 30 mins, three times a week
  2. Write – 20 minutes about a positive experience
  3. Do five random acts of kindness each week
  4. Completely unplug to recharge
  5. Hit flow – do an absorbing, time-melts-away activity
  6. Make time for two-minute meditations
  7. Identify five gratitudes – things you are thankful for

Seven small, actionable activities guaranteed to boost your happiness quotient. Pick a couple that feel doable for you and commit to doing them for two straight weeks.


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