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Marketing – Aesthetic Practice Website Tips from the Experts

For this week’s blog, I asked John Jessome of Authentic Marketing Solutions to give us some website tips for the design of your medical spa or aesthetic medicine practice website.

If you are upgrading your website or starting out and creating a new site, be sure that the overall plan of your site is based on the best marketing and conversion strategies. 

Digital marketing

There is a lot of data and testing that is being done and if you can make yourself aware of it, you’ll be well served. If you don’t have the time, make sure the company you work with does.

You’re site cannot just be beautiful. It has to sell…in the form of sales, leads, or sign ups. 

Be aware of this if you are working with someone who only has a design background. 

And you need a Mobile Friendly Responsive Design to prepare you for mobile market growth.

General Web Design Tips

Less is more. Clean sites with good color contrast look best across all browsers, tablets and smartphones.

There is almost never a good enough reason to have a dark background with light text in your main body. And it looks terrible on smartphones.

Page speed is vital. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’ve lost your visitor.

Video is king. You need it. It’s no longer optional. It’s expected. It increases engagement, time spent at your site, and conversions. 

And the costs of video for web are inexpensive. And the production quality does not need to be tv level. It should also not look like your cousin Frank took the video on his 1990 sony camcorder.

Testimonials – text is not enough. Again, if you can get video testimonials, your conversions will go through the roof. And don’t just be self promoting when getting testimonials. There’s a good way to get a story from a happy client.

Social – by all means do social sites like Facebook, google+ and twitter. But unless you have a marketing department, don’t try to do them all. 

Take time to work with one that can support your business, build you leads and good will. Social Media posting is very important in a practice but it is very time consuming therefore you will want to invest in a Social Media service to post to your platforms.  

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing will help with your practice engagement and is a great ROI.

Women and Men have very different buying patterns and you cannot market to both in the same manner online. 

There are some excellent books on this subject, but in a nutshell and at the risk of overgeneralizing, women prefer a more visceral experience while men want to get straight to the facts.

By Jeff Russell, Executive Director to the IAPAM and best selling author of Secrets to a Successful Practice.

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