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Medispa Marketing – SEO


For this week’s blog, I asked John Jessome of Authentic Marketing Solutions to give me his perspective of the most important marketing you should be doing for your medical spa or aesthetic medicine practice, and as you would suspect, its all about your digital marketing initiatives!

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important to your Business

Everyone is familiar with “traditional marketing.” You watch TV or read a newspaper and a commercial comes on or an ad takes up copy space. The problem with traditional marketing is that it has become “interruption marketing.” In other words, people are focused on doing something else, you wave a big ad in their face, and hope…

a. That they are even in your target market.

b. That you can get their attention away from what they are currently focused on.

c. That they can remember you after they get back to their task.

This type of marketing is EXPENSIVE, not very targeted, and extremely hard to measure for results.

Along comes Search marketing. Your prospects have gotten onto their computer or smartphone and are “actively searching” for your products and services. This is a completely different type of marketing. In most cases, the searcher is further along in the buying cycle and they are either gathering data to make their final purchasing decision, or they are motivated and ready to take action.

The fishing analogy is easy to visualize. In traditional marketing, you throw out a net or send out your line and hope that you get some fish. In search marketing, the fish are jumping into your boat.

You get more qualified visitors. They cost less to acquire AND, when you do search well, you increase your “brand authority.” In other words, you become the expert in your business category.

Mobile Now Leads all Online Searches!

First Page Results Matter

Mobile users do a lot of research, and 61% of smartphone users only look at the first page of search results. This makes SEO even more important, especially local SEO.

Research on Smartphones Leads to Buying, Online & Offline

On average 37% of users end up purchasing online and 32% prefer to purchase in-store after having conducted research on a product or service on their smartphones.

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