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Part 3 – Medispa / Aesthetic Practice SEO

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With consumers, 97 percent search for local businesses online, and another 73 percent of all online activity is related to local content, according to data released by Google.

So, you need to think about the wording your patients may use to search each product or service that you offer: Latisse®, Botox®, Dermal Filler, Laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Jane Iredale makeup, PCA Skin, etc.  It is important to not only list the procedures you offer, but the lines you carry as well.

You also want to make sure your main webpage is not too long, as many people generally don’t like to ‘scroll down’. Ideally, you will create different pages for each topic (i.e. one may be called “Latisse in Chicago,” another called “PCA Skin Care in Chicago,” and another called “botox injections in Chicago.” Each page will be at least 300 words, have pictures (i.e. logo, product, procedure), and your contact information (i.e. “for a free skin consultation call 555-555-5555 or “book here”).

You will notice that I also use the geographic area in the description and webpage names. This is important, since your patient is not going to type in “botox doctor” because it is too general. If a patient is in Chicago and types in “Botox doctor,” they are likely to get a physician based out of New York City. In this case, the patient will retype “botox doctor Chicago” to narrow down the choices, and find someone nearer to them.

Please keep in mind, you need to use words that your patient’s will use, not industry lingo. For example, it is advisable not to say “IPL” since your customer will search on “laser hair removal” (even though most “laser” hair removal devices are actually IPLs, but the patient will not know this term).

Using Google and Bing SEO  

People use search engines to look up everything, whether it is a product they want or a service they require. A clinic’s potential patients are also Google and Bing Users and to get the attention of these users you need SEO marketing. SEO helps generate traffic and offers a high rate of conversion because the people who open your website by looking up SEO keywords are those who actually need your services. A practice can significantly benefit from using keywords targeted at the local audience and attract more patients to their clinic.

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