Physicians Rave that “Botox & Filler techniques are amazing!” at the IAPAM’s Symposium

“Best and most pertinent conference in terms of content, presentation and hands-on.  The hotel [The Gainey Suites] was a great choice.” ~ J. Paquette, MD (Jan ’13)

“The entire course was very knowledgeable…..but most of all, it was exciting to be re-introduced to minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedures.” ~ E. Paquette (Jan ’13)

“Hands on training with the exposure to the latest devices.  Very Exciting.  Meeting the technicians and physicians.  Questions were answered readily.  Dermafrac – very impressive.  Also Botox & Filler techniques were amazing! Information and organization of the training was very precise – Easy to follow [handouts] and easy to take notes.” ~ J. Paquette, MA (Jan ’13)

“Keep up the great work.  Continue to offer other different informative seminars.” ~ A. Morrison, MD (Jan ’13)

“Hands on segments were most beneficial.  It was ALL interesting to me!” ~ L. Powers, DO (Jan ’13)

“Lasers and Botox were well covered and informative.” ~ J. Galvin, MD (Jan ’13)

“Great hands-on with everything.” ~ D. Lucas, NP-BC (Jan ’13)

“[Everything] was applicable to my practice.” ~ F. Hayek, MD (Jan ’13)

“Great conference!” ~ R. Hwang, MD (Jan ’13)

“[The topic of most importance to me during the Medical Weight Training was the] marketing and business aspect of aesthetics and weight loss.  Absolutely worth it!” ~ N. Islam, MD (Jan ’13)

“[The Medical Weight Management Training] was very informative and at a good price and great personalities.” ~ A. Morrison, MD (Jan ’13)

“[The Medical Weight Management Training] consolidated what I was already doing through the IAPAM, plus got more ideas to grow my practice.  Best value conference I’ve attended.  Love the new Clean Start guide.  Also, IAPAM has been supportive over the last couple of years.” ~ V. Thomas, MD (Jan ’13)

“The [Medical Weight Management Training] was very informative and FUN.  I learned a lot.  Keep up the good work!” ~ M. Jehan (Jan ’13)

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