The 5 Biggest Skin Care Blunders

skin care

Skin care has become part and parcel of our daily life. There are thousands if not more of skin care products available these days, all of them claiming to result in younger, smoother, softer skin. We continue to use traditional methods to keep our skin clean as well, such as regular washing with soap and water.

However, there are still a number of different blunders that we all make when it comes to looking after our skin. Here, we discuss the top 5 biggest skin care blunders in brief.

Blunder #1 – Not using sun protection creams

Prolonged exposure to sunlight has been linked to the development of skin cancer. However, many of us still venture out in the summer months to the beach or in the garden, spending hours there without applying any form on skin protection. Using creams with sun protection factor 15 (SPF 15) or more is recommended to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Blunder #2 – Having an overzealous skin care regime

To an extent, many of us are ‘obsessed’ with cleanliness. And in an effort to keeping the skin clean, it is not uncommon to wash it with products such as soap and water, apply creams on it that can rob the skin of its hydration and moisture. Some people tend to wash their face every couple of hours. Some tend to over-exfoliate their skin. Be gentle! Many dermatologists recommend the use of fragrance free products that gently clean the skin instead of soap.

Blunder #3 – Failing to moisturize

Following a bath, it is common for the skin to lose some moisture. Maintaining the moisture of the skin is important, as dried, cracked skin can be prone to developing infections. Using a well-hydrating moisturizer after a bath in the morning and before retiring to bed maintains the health of the skin.

Blunder #4 – Smoking

Yes, smoking does not just affect the lungs and cause cancer; it can also affect the texture and health of the skin. Not many smokers realise this, and continue to smoke placing their skin health at risk. The reason skin is affected is the production of anti-oxidants and the breakdown of skin collagen. Stopping smoking can help improve skin health remarkably.

Blunder #5 – Keeping make up on when sleeping

Sleep is the time when the skin cells start to rejuvenate. Make up contains ingredients that can prevent this regeneration, and can irritate the skin. It is essential to use a gentle cleanser to remove make up before going to bed.


These are the 5 main blunders that people tend to make when it comes to looking after their skin health. They can be easily dealt with through simple measures, so you have no excuse when it comes to looking after your skin!

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