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The Benefits of CoolSculpting Training

HowCoolScWorks_Poster_smFat removal techniques are advancing, and more and more people are seeking a quick and simple fat removal solution. While diet and exercise remain the first line of treatment, it can take months to years before any visible change can be seen. Some individuals try and persist but still cannot see any change whatsoever. Surgery can be an option, but many people do not choose this either due to the scarring and potential complications that can be involved.

So what do people choose in such a situation? Well, there are treatments now available that are safe and effective, and help lose fat fast. One such procedure is from a company called Zeltiq with a machine called ‘CoolSculpting®’

CoolSculpting® is being recognized as a ‘go-to’ procedure when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen. The principle is simple, and as the name suggests, involves getting rid of fat tissue by freezing it below freezing point, allowing it to eventually die and melt away.

With over 2 million CoolSculpting® procedures done over the last several years, the demand for CoolSculpting® has exploded. Being a revolutionary new procedure, and one that achieves desirable effects, this is definitely one procedure to have in your list of services at your practice.

In order to perform CoolSculpting®, specific training is essential to make sure the treatment offered is state of the art and meets standards that patients expect from their healthcare professional. Below are a few aspects that must be considered when training to perform cool sculpting.


1. Background knowledge – It is important to know when cool sculpting can be offered to patients. In other words, a good background knowledge will arm the practitioner with the information they need to make an expert decision on whether cool sculpting is the treatment that will be of benefit to the patient.

2. Understanding equipment – The equipment used to perform cool sculpting is state of the art. The procedure is developed by Zeltiq, and currently the FDA has only approved Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting® machine for cryolipolysis.

3. Procedural skills – The theory behind CoolSculpting® is clear – breakdown of fat cells by reducing the temperature to below freezing, while protecting the skin and other tissues. This requires a degree of skill, and training programs will aim at ensuring these skills are developed or at least introduced by the time the course is complete.

cool-sculpting24. Risks and side effects – This is another important aspect that must be covered in training programs. Having a good knowledge of the risks and side effects means that the treating practitioners will know how to manage them in the event of them occurring.

5. Benefits – There is no doubt that patients undergo CoolSculpting® in order to experience the benefits that it offers. It is good to have a detailed knowledge of the benefits that patients can obtain from this procedure. It is essential to realize that treatments will only start to show positive effects after a few months, and repeat treatments will sometimes be needed. This aspect will need to be discussed with the patients, and therefore a good knowledge will make this process easy.


CoolSculpting® is emerging as a much sought after treatment for fat reduction. Adding it to your service will require that you undergo specific training. This way, patients can experience the most out of this safe and effective procedure.

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  1. Duncan Lance

    While Coolsculpting can be fantastic for most patients you do need to know a few things about it first. For example, as the article points out, you usually won’t start to see the effects of it for at least a few months. This means that you should warn your patients about that ahead of time so that they aren’t expecting immediate results.

  2. Glenny smart

    Hey I’m from Barbados I do dermatology I work at a spa doing the coolsculpting under a doctor but I would like to get certified I was recommended to you guys what are the requirements

    • chris

      Please contact us. Call 1-800-485-5759

  3. Alexa Rodriguez

    I was looking to get certified in coolscuplting and any other that I am able to certified in ….


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