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The Business of Botox

botox training

At the IAPAM’s Botox Training, physicians will learn the right Botox injection techniques to give patients the results they desire.  At the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium we not only teach proper patient selection and technique, but we also cover the business aspects of running an aesthetic practice.  You will learn the answers to questions like:

How much to charge for Botox and other aesthetic procedures?
The best way to present aesthetic options to your patients?
How to chart an cosmetic patient?

And you will also learn the best practices, like the importance of taking before and after photo’s and learning how to spot counterfeit Botox vials.

Learning how to inject Botox is only part of a successful aesthetic practice or medical spa.  Offering Botox is certainly the cornerstone of an aesthetic practice, but its also important not to forget about the rest of your patients’ desires. Often they will be looking for even, smooth skin, without any pigmentation. Botox will certainly solve their desire to not have any wrinkles, but you’ll soon fine that other aesthetic procedures, like chemical peels, lasers and microdermabrasion, will give patients the results they truly desire.

I know we are on the right track when we get physician comments like this, “Hands on sessions were the best.  Helped tackle the real logistics of application.  Initially I felt [the Symposium] was expensive, but the quality of presentation was worth it.  For physicians, it is the “pearls” of the experienced presenters that were the best part.”  T. Malyk, MD

If you are interested in more information on the right way to add Botox  to your practice, please visit:

For more information on the IAPAM Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training, please visit:


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