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Thinking of Opening a Medical Weight Loss Program as Part of your Practice? Part2

medical weight loss program

Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and decided to join the multi-billion dollar industry of weight loss programs! Whether you decided to go independently with your own small business, or to purchase a franchise, you’re probably wondering what’s next.

Many of you are likely already in the health care profession, maybe as a physician, a nurse or as a fitness and nutrition specialist. Or perhaps you are a sales professional or an entrepreneur. Either way, you are now in the business of selling a product and/or service to a customer, and in order to be successful, you need to provide the best quality and experience to your clients as possible so that they continue to come back to your business!

It is important to first identify how you will advertise your new business so you can get those prospective clients in the door. If you are an independent business owner, market research is key. If you are a franchisee, these parameters are likely already laid out for you. In either case, consider the following marketing materials:

If you are a current physician that is extending onto your practice:

  • Signage or posters throughout your office/neighborhood to advertise your new services
  • Mail and email to current customers
  • Verbal discussion with current patients
  • An online marketing plan

If you are a franchisee:

  • All marketing materials are usually provided to you through the franchise start-up fees
  • Existing franchise brand recognition should help you reach prospective clients

Next, it is important to examine what programs you will offer to your clients, and how that will set you apart from the competition. It is important to be able to determine the proper diet program for your clientele to ensure customer satisfaction and a return on your investment. Some ideas of what to offer may include:

  • Several differing weight loss programs, such as low carb, medically supervised hormone injections, low fat, etc.
  • A medical evaluation to give you the ability to steer your clientele into the appropriate weight loss program. Such evaluations may include a comprehensive medical screening, evaluating the client’s medical history, a blood chemistry analysis, and body fat analysis, to determine the proper diet program
  • One on one support with a medical or healthcare professional during the duration of the program
  • Behavioural guidance to help the client make the lifestyle changes necessary to adhere to the program
  • A maintenance plan for after the client has reached their weight loss goal
  • Food and dietary supplement products, such as nutrition bars, meal replacement shakes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and even thermogenic supplements

All of these criteria, as well as a solid understanding of your clientele, and a realistic business plan, should set you up for success in this profitable industry. Once your systems are in place, it’s up to you to create the most successful business possible! Whether you are supported through a franchise or independently going at it on your own, people are always looking to be healthier and thinner, so you can’t lose!