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Success Tips - Who is Stealing your Happiness?

I want to share a blog I wrote based on John Izzo’s awesome book, “The Fives Thieves of Happiness.

I love books that break down complicated topics into five, or less, steps. However, I did find it to be a tough read. 

He had some excellent themes on what sabotages our happiness, but I found it to be too wordy, with many irrelevant (to me) examples. 

In that spirit, I decided I would take the content and convert it into something that resonates with me, an entrepreneur and business (aesthetic practice) owner.

So what are the five thieves of happiness?

The Five Thieves of Happiness Book Cover
  1. Control – If we focus on only what we can control, and not desire to control others or the situations we find ourselves in, we are on our way to happiness!
  2. Conceit – If you spend too much time focusing on you, what’s important to you, and base your happiness on how you feel, happiness will elude you!
  3. Coveting – When you are always focusing on others, you miss a lot of life, and it will challenge your ability to be grateful.
  4. Consumption – Deep down, we all know that happiness doesn’t come from external things, but sometimes we think of this as a quick fix or a silver bullet: if I have “that,” then I will be happy!
  5. Comfort – People are stimulated by change and getting out of their comfort zone. Don’t be comfortable, get out, do something different, and you will find happiness.

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