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How to Add a Medical Weight Management Program to Your Practice

It’s no secret that obesity is on the rise, and everywhere you look, people are looking for new and effective ways to lose those pounds.

Fad diets saturate the internet, weight loss books line the shelves of the local libraries and book stores, and nutritional supplements offer supposed fast and “easy” solutions to your woes.

Providing advice and coaching people on how to lose weight has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry. You can capitalize on this lucractive industry by starting your own medical weight loss program.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

There are weight loss clinic/program franchises out there and available for purchase, as well as strategies on how to go the small business route instead of purchasing a franchise.

However, before you choose which business option is right for you, there are some key factors that you should consider.

First of all, you will need to decide whether an independent weight loss clinic or a franchise option is the right fit for you.

If you are currently practicing medicine in some capacity, more often than not, an independent weight loss clinic is the right option for you.

Anyone already practicing medicine in some capacity will likely find more success extending their practice with an independent option for their patients. 

The franchise option is often the choice for those who are not medical doctors, but instead maybe professionals, nurses or other healthcare professionals.

Whether you choose to add medically supervised weight loss to your existing practice, or the purchase of a weight loss franchise, there are pros and cons involved in each. 

Overall, with both options, you need to be familiar with selling your idea and or/ regime to potential customers and give customer satisfaction in order to see a return on your investment.

Pros of Extending Onto Your Current Practice

  • No relocation to a franchise-operating facility
  • Already existing relationships with your patients that would facilitate the new treatments
  • No franchise start-up fees
  • Freedom to run your business as you see fit, as opposed to following strict franchise parameters

Cons of Extending Onto Your Current Practice

  • Marketing support not as comprehensive as with a franchise (Social Media posting is very important in a practice but it is very time-consuming therefore you will want to invest in a Social Media service to post to your platforms.
  • Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing will help with your practice engagement and is a great ROI.)
  • Branding not as comprehensive or integrated as with a franchise
  • Weaker support system

Pros of Purchasing a Franchise

  • Franchises offer support systems and teams that are available to support you and your business on a daily basis
  • Franchises offer comprehensive training and operations guidelines
  • Full advertising and marketing support
  • Brand recognition

Cons of Purchasing a Franchise

  • Can be costly with start-up fees and there can be royalty fees payable to the franchisee
  • You’ll have less decision making freedom, as most franchises have to operate under certain parameters of the overall business
  • Possibility of poor franchise choice, meaning ultimate failure of the business
  • Be aware of failure! New franchises have a high failure rate, just like new businesses. Many weight loss franchises have gone out of business, including Thinique, which left 100’s of franchise owners with nothing!

Overall, it is important to observe all factors in order to carefully determine which type of business is the best match for you and your skills. 

Once you have decided which option is the right fit, you can get started and begin helping your patients make their weight loss dreams a reality!

Whether you decided to go independently by adding weight loss to an existing practice, starting a stand-alone medically supervised weight loss clinic, or to purchase a franchise, you’re probably wondering what’s next.

This is why we created the Clean Start Weight Loss® program. It has a turnkey system and all of the resources so you can easily implement it into your current practice. And it doesn’t have any franchise fees! 

One thing that is critical, is to ensure you have a solid program to offer your patients. 

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss program has treated over 80,000 patients with a safe, reliable weight loss program. 

The creator of the program, IAPAM Executive-Director Jeff Russell, says “for the most part physicians don’t need a franchise model, all they need is an easy to follow medically supervised weight loss program to offer their patients. 

Which is the reason we created the Clean Start Weight Loss program, with physicians and healthcare prescribers in mind!”

How to Market the Weight Loss Program

Many of you are likely already in the health care profession, maybe as a physician, PA, NP, RN or as a fitness and nutrition specialist.  

Either way, you are now in the business of selling a product and/or service to a customer, and in order to be successful, you need to provide the best quality and experience to your patients as possible so that they continue to come back to your practice!

It is important to first identify how you will advertise your new weight loss program so you can get those prospective patients in the door. 

This may be new for physicians and healthcare providers, but market research is key. 

If you are a franchisee, these parameters are likely already laid out for you. In either case, consider the following marketing materials:

If you are a current physician (or healthcare provider) that is extending onto your practice:

  • Signage or posters throughout your office/neighborhood to advertise your new services
  • Mail and email to current customers
  • Verbal discussion with current patients
  • An online marketing plan
If you are a franchisee:
  • All marketing materials are usually provided to you through the franchise start-up fees
  • Existing franchise brand recognition should help you reach prospective clients

It can be overwhelming making all of these marketing decisions!  The IAPAM has a program that gets rid of the guesswork and brings you targeted patients from people who are searching for your services on Google.

Next, it is important to examine what weight loss programs you will offer to your patients, and how that will set you apart from the competition. 

It is important to be able to determine the proper diet program for your clientele to ensure customer satisfaction and a return on your investment. 

You want to only offer a program that has successfully treated 1,000’s of patients. Some ideas of what to offer may include:

  • Several differing weight loss programs, such as low carb, medically supervised hormone injections, low fat, etc.
  • A medical evaluation to give you the ability to steer your patients into the appropriate weight loss program. Such evaluations may include a comprehensive medical screening, evaluating the client’s medical history, a blood chemistry analysis, and body fat analysis, to determine the proper diet program
  • One on one support with a medical or healthcare professional during the duration of the program
  • Behavioral guidance to help the client make the lifestyle changes necessary to adhere to the program
  • A maintenance plan for after the client has reached their weight loss goal
  • Food and dietary supplement products, such as nutrition bars, meal replacement shakes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and even thermogenic supplements

All of these criteria, as well as a solid understanding of your clientele, and a realistic business plan should set you up for success in this profitable industry. 

Once your systems are in place, it’s up to you to create the most successful business possible! Whether you are supported through a franchise or independently going at it on your own, people are always looking to be healthier and thinner, so you can’t lose!

Why You Should Train with the IAPAM

You have limited time and training dollars and should choose a program that is going to give you the most value and return for your investment. 

IAPAM offers an Aesthetic Medicine Symposium which includes botox training, aesthetic medicine training and a weight loss program.

Check out these medical weight loss reviews, botox reviews and aesthetic training reviews from our symposiums.

Medical Weight Loss Reviews

“Very thorough review of weight loss program  and how this might be integrated into a clinical practice.  Was well worth it!” ~ W. Hudson, MD (Dec ’13)

[The topic of most importance to me was] choosing appropriate clients for Clean Start Weight Loss.  Liked the program and presentations.” ~ A. Kohli, MD (Dec ’13)

“I liked the turnkey approach” ~ K. Chin Quee, MD (Dec ’13)

I “liked the demos!! [and] how to incorporate [weight loss program] into a current business and pricing, along with packages ready to use and the included forms and information.  Thanks!” ~ M. Taylor, NP (Dec ’13)

“YES….[the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training is] worth it! ~ R. Bruce, DO (Sept ’13)

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training “was worth it”! ~ Z. Ali, MD (June ’13)

“The business of the diet aspect was very important to me, as well as the pharmacy discussion.  It is always good to hear what works in a successful clinic.” ~ Anonymous

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training “was very worth it!  Thank you so much.  Each section [of the seminar] helped and the protocol is great.  Great speakers!” ~ Mary White-Opperman, DPM (June ’13)

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training showed me how it was “safe to start a diet program” in my practice. ~ T. Nguyen, DO (June ’13)

“I received very helpful information at the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training, especially strategies on how to run a clinic.” ~ V. Sesi, MD (June ’13)

“The [IAPAM’s Exclusive Clean Start Weight Loss] protocolis very organized.” ~ Anonymous (Dec ’12)

The “marketing of medical weight loss” was of the most important to me. ~ Y. Nagdee, MD (Dec ’12)

“Love the [Clean Start Weight Loss] kit with all the information.  [It will] decrease physician time with patients.” ~ M. Cupid, MD (Dec ’12)

[I learned] “how to manage the maintenance phase [of the Clean Start Weight Loss program], and it’s importance, and how to be successful financially! Yes, worth it!” C. Hatfield, MD (Dec ’12)

“It [The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training] was worth it!” ~ M. Nogoy, MD (Dec ’12)

“I think the [Clean Start Weight Loss Training] was VERY worthwhile!!!” [I learned about] contraindications, how to prescribe the diet and tips for starting [my  diet clinic.] ~ Anonymous (Dec ’12)

“Yes worth it! I loved learning [the] insights from other doctors [and] practices who attended the [Clean Start Weight Loss Training] conference.  I liked the new, revamped [Clean Start Weight Loss]  packet. ~ C. Avendano (Nov ’12)

The area that I learned about today at the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training that was of most importance to me was, “Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance! Worth it” ~ R. Bates, MD (Nov ’12)

The new and improved IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training was a “Good overview/refresher/[with] new ideas.  Worth it!” ~ A. Consiglio, MD (Nov ’12)

The new Clean Start Weight Loss Training “was worth it….especially “how to implement the diet and [discussions of ] contraindications.” ~ G. Arana, MD (Nov ’12)

After completing the Clean Start Weight Loss Training, “I am more motivated to do more Clean Start Weight Loss in my practice.” ~ L. Kucerova, MD (Nov ’12)

“Yes it was worth it to come to [the new and improved Clean Start Weight Loss Training] even if it was just for review.  I liked hearing about other physicians who have been successful with the diet.” ~ K. Kupeyan, MD (Nov ’12)

“Got answers to a long list of questions and concerns.  Well organized.  Hand-outs were very good.  Ready to go back and modify our patient handout materials – adding the Clean Start Weight Loss Package, and consider our fees.” G. Schroeder, MD (Nov ’12)

“Good review.  I like the new Clean Start Weight Loss Patient Packages.  You have created excellent presentations.  Worth it as always. Loved the more advanced group approach to discussions.” ~ W. Paronish, MD (Nov ’12)

“It [Clean Start Physician Weight Loss Training] was all very informative.  Excellent value for my money and time!  I definitely think it was worth it!  I would have like more time, maybe 1-2 more hours to discuss more marketing and how the diet is done in other clinics.” ~ B. Deutscher, FNP (Nov ’12)

“Everything [in the Medical Weight Management Training Program] was completely worth it!’ C. Romero, MD (Sept ’12)

“The Clean Start Weight Loss Training [was of most interest to me] because it is easy to start or add to a practice. It was excellent and very informative.”  B. Ramirez, MD (Sept ’12)

“[The Clean Start Weight Loss Training was] extremely thorough and practical.  Very informative.  Excellent.” C. Goss, MD (Sept ’12)

The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Managment Training Seminar is “excellent.” C. Alcala, MD (Sept ’12)

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training is “absolutely worth it!” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

The topics of most importance to me were “the components of the Clean Start Weight Loss Plan and the financial potential of adding the diet to a practice. Well worth attendance for me!” M. J. Cobb, FNP (Sept ’12)

“[The diet will be] a great addition to my practice.  Excellent!” ~ R. Vindhya, MD (June ’12)

“Jeff is a fantastic speaker!  He gives a lot of very useful information in a very entertaining way.  He is very open and easily approachable.  He has made sitting in a conference….much more enjoyable.  Coming to this program was money well invested.” ~  V. Perez-McArthur, DO (April ’12)

“Everything about the Clean Start Weight Loss program was excellent. I have no regrets that I attended. Everything was great!” ~ A. Gay, MD (April ’12)

“Great tips. I learn more everytime I [refresh my knowledge at] the course.” ~ A. Vasquez, MD (April ’12)

“Everything was new to me and the setting up of a practice content was most important.  Definitely worth it.” ~ D. Gerard, MD (April ’12)

“Excellent content and presentations. Very useful data and tips for setting up the [Clean Start Weight Loss] program in my clinic.” ~ S. Chowdhury, MD (April ’12)

“Learned a lot.  Look forward to implementing this [Clean Start Weight Loss program] into my practice.” ~ H. Carter, MD (April ’12)

“Clean Start Weight Loss is a great diet.  Keep up the good job of sharing information on this program with us.  I also appreciated the additional information on B vitamins and the MIC injection and the enhanced “business of Clean Start Weight Loss” presentation.  Thanks Jeff, great job!!!” ~ M. Gorelick, MD (April ’12)

“[I learned] Everything I wanted to know and more about Clean Start Weight Loss!!  Jeff is fantastic and makes it sound easy!!” ~ M. Tedtaotao, MD (April ’12)

“Mr. Russell was very thorough in his presentation.  He had very practical points, and [his presentation] was simple and easy [to follow].  I think he is an asset to the program.  I hope I can do a great percentage of what he described!”

“Great insight on weight loss options.  Great program! Information presented in an interesting manner.” ~ S. Willham, CFNP (April ’12)

“Value added series that can be incorporated into an Clean Start Weight Loss program.  Excellent Clean Start Weight Loss protocols.  Worth it!” ~ C. Avendano (March ’12)

“The concept of ‘group consultation and the business aspects of Clean Start Weight Loss [were of most importance to me]. Very worth it!!!” ~ D. Hevi, MD (March ’12)

“I am excited to go back home and get this [Clean Start Weight Loss] going.  Thank you for all the information.” ~ A. Igbinadolor, MD (Jan ‘12)

IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training shows “how profitable and [the] weight loss business can be.” ~ Dr. R. Camacho, MD (Jan ‘12)

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training taught good “mechanics for setting up of an Clean Start Weight Loss program, and  [good] financial aspects of running the program.” ~ B. Katsura, MD (Jan ’12)

“The [IAPAM Clean Start Weight Loss] program is not hard to do safely, or to implement….and it is a 5 star value for money and time.  The IAPAM answered ALL my questions.”

“Thank you for an excellent Medical Weight Management Program!!!” ~ A. Perez-Correa, MD (Jan ‘12)

“Excellent information on how to implement [an Clean Start Weight Loss program] in my practice…..excellent training and course.” ~ R. Hernandez-Chuan, MD (Jan ‘12)

“That diet works.  To date, my only exposure was to homeopathic ….. “selling” this approach.  I had a very negative view of this approach.  Not so anymore.” ~ Dr. J. Magauran (Oct ‘11)

“Understanding Clean Start Weight Loss and how to institute a successful program.  Excellent program – I will be back.” ~ Dr. L. Sloan (Oct ‘11)

“It was really worth it.  Best CME class I have attended.  Quality material and knowledgeable presenters. [I learned that] start-up weight management does not have to be a huge expense.” ~ J. Onyekonwo, NP (Oct ‘11)

“Excellent presentation of Clean Start Weight Loss Program.  Excellent tips.”  ~ M. Schroeder, RN (Sept. ‘11)

“Learned lost of things about weight management and the practice of it.  Very practical and worth the time and money.  I felt I could practice an Clean Start Weight Loss [for weight management] program very soon.” ~ Dr. H. Vuong (Sept. ‘11)

“Worth the time and money.  I can’t wait to start our [diet] program.” ~ J. Pimentel, PA-C (Sept. ‘11)

“Loved the whole [Clean Start Weight Loss] program!  Very helpful to learn that no cheating is allowed.  And appreciated the business advice.  Yes, worth it!” ~ Dr. A. Funderburk Mock (Sept. ‘11)

“[Learned] important aspects regarding medical weight loss.  Definitely worthwhile.” ~ Dr. L. Baca (Sept. ‘11)

“Medical Weight Loss by Dr. Fulton was Excellent.  Jeff Russell was great too!” ~ Dr. A. Reddy (Sept. ‘11)

“It [the Clean Start Weight Loss Training] was worth it.” ~ Dr. R. Arora (June ‘11)

Botox Reviews and Aesthetic Training Reviews

“I enjoyed it very much. Jeff was quite informative and resourceful. Dr Stockton was absolutely delightful!  Thank you for arranging my schedule. Everything went according to plan!” ~ K. Chin Quee, MD (Dec ’13)

“Great value.” ~ W. Hudson, MD (Dec ’13)

“All topics were great.” ~ K. Amr, MD (Dec ’13)

“All very interesting.  Good breadth.  [I was] more interested in [chemical peel] information than I thought. All [was] Great!  Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.” ~ M. Hidalgo, MD (Dec ’13)

“Great job!” ~ L. Haggard, PA-C (Dec ’13)

“Overall, [the Symposium is an] outstanding introduction [to aesthetic medicine].  Very, very valuable!!!” J. M. Caruso, MD (Dec ’13)

“Great!” ~ P. Wang, MD (Dec ’13)

[The topic of most importance to me was] important patient education techniques and tools, marketing ideas and tools and new anti-aging devices, usage and practice use.” ~ M. Crawford, NP (Dec ’13)

“Great course.” ~ K. Amr, MD (Dec ’13)

“Business aspect of weight loss set up” [was of the most importance to me]. ~ A. Bacchus-Morris, MD (Sept ’13)

“Jeff’s talks were VERY informative.  I feel prepared to start adding weight management services to my practice.  Dr. Fulton and Dr. Blume were very knowledgeable.” ~ P. Aikin Jackson, MD (Sept ’13)

“Very informative.  Jeff [Russell] was dynamic in his medical weight loss presentation.  I cam in doubtful and now I can’t wait to get started.  Value definitely there for the $.” ~ M. Becher, DO (Sept ’13)

“Excellent program.  Well worth the time. Appreciated the focus on practicality and how to actually implement a functional program of weight loss.” ~ M. Collins, DO (Sept ’13)

“[What I learned that was of most importance to me was] RMR as a tool to assist in weight loss, cryolypolysis as a new technology for body sculpting, and the significant weight loss results [one can achieve] with the diet.  Yes, this program was definitely worth the money and time.” ~ A. Quezada, MD (Sept ’13)

“Very personable instructors!” ~ P. Ivey, MD (Sept ’13)

“Enjoyed the program and learned a lot.  Appreciated that the program was kept on-time and well organized.” ~ R. Bruce, DO (Sept ’13)

[I] “definitely” [found the Symposium to be a good value of time and money.] ~ P. Mondorf, MD (Sept ’13)

“This was a fun, amazing weekend.  I enjoyed learning about peels, lasers, Dermapen, etc. and had not expected to!  Botox training was plenty!” ~ J. Do, MD (Sept ’13)

[My expectations were met….] Absolutely! ~ T. Batz, PA-C (Sept ’13)

“Jennifer Wild, DO was a great injection trainer,” and “Jeff [Russell], you ROCK!” ~M. Becher, DO (Sept ’13)

“Great job!” and “yes, [I found the Symposium] very useful.” ~ M. Collins, DO (Sept ’13)

“Excellent course!” ~ A. Yudin, MD (Sept ’13)

“[The Symposium] went beyond my expectations.” ~ M. Manliguis, DO (Sept ’13)

“My expectations were met,” and “I absolutely found value in the Symposium.” “There were NO negatives to this trip.” ~E. Flores, MD (Sept ’13)

“Very satisfied [with the Symposium] and I would recommend it to my friends.” ~ Anonymous (Sept ’13)

“It was very informative and opened a whole new area for weight loss and aesthetic options for my office.” ~ Anonymous (Sept ’13)

“[What I learned of most importance was] that I can fit these modalities into my practice easily.” ~ B. McCarthy, MD (Sept ’13)

“Cindy Graf’s lecture was very valuable!  Jeff ‘s lecture was also extremely helpful!  All topics were very good and I would recommend the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium to a colleague.  Also, the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training was “Excellent!” ~ B. Lee, MD (June ’13)

Botox Cosmetic Injection Technique hands-on training was “great!” Everything was a “very good value.” “I thought everyone was forthcoming with information including pricing!!” ~ J. Testa, MD (Dec ’12)

“Definite value for program.  Saves me so much time!” ~ J. McGinnis, RN (Dec ’12)

“Thanks for a great course.  [I learned so much about] medical weight management and laser assisted lipo!” ~ P. Divekar, MD (Dec ’12)

“I feel like I learned alot today.  Very informative.” ~ S. Ollinger (Dec ’12)

At the Symposium, the topics that were of most interest to me were, “Business Overview, Priorities, What to say to Patients, and the Hands-On Experience with Instruction.” ~ C. J. Wang, MD (Dec ’12)

I found the Symposium a “very good” value for money. ~ N. Petrosova, MD (Dec ’12)

At the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, with Hands-On Botox Training, I found “everything great!” ~ P. Divekar, MD (Dec ’12)

I “enjoyed all the topics!  [The Symposium] especially helped me with technique.  [It was] professional, informative and fun!” ~ M. Gash, FNP-BC (Nov ’12)

Hands on sessions were the best.  Helped tackle the real logistics of application.  Initially I felt [the Symposium] was expensive, but the quality of presentation was worth it.  For physicians, it is the “pearls” of the experienced presenters that was the best part.”  T. Malyk, MD (Sept ’12)

“Great speakers, good food and presenters, and Jeff is fun and engaging!” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

“All exceeded my expectations, from Marisa to Jeff…everything was kept on time.  Dr. Wild was one of the best instructors I have seen.” T. B. Bownik, MD (Sept ’12)

“[The topic of most interest to me] was the business of aesthetic medicine because I run my own clinic -[very satisfied with that presentation!] The [Clean Start Weight Loss Training] was [equally] very enjoyable!  Thank you.”  T. Lawson, ND (Sept ’12)

Botox and fillers was why I came, and Cindy Graf’s Business lecture; I really enjoyed  It was so practical!” N. Monahan, MD (Sept ’12)

I “absolutely” found the Symposium to be a good value of time and money, and my expectations were met, “absolutely!…..and the Clean Start Weight Loss Training was [equally] very well worth it!”  P. Spisak, ARNP (Sept ’12)

The topic of most interest to me was the “relative profitability from different treatments, and the application of lasers. Excellent course.  Appreciated the candor [of the presenters] re: pricing, etc. and the realities of practice and products recommended or not.” G. Beatty, MD (Sept ’12)

“Excellent investment.  All areas [covered] were pertinent.  [The topic of most interest to me was the] hands-on botox and fillers class.” S. Payseur, MD (Sept ’12)

I learned “many things” that were worth it to me….especially the “marketing tips!” M. Lary, MD (Sept ’12)

“Jeff Russell is a great presenter on the ‘business side’ [of adding Clean Start Weight Loss to a practice.]” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

“This is the best program! I have attended 2 other programs before. It was definitely worth it.  Excellent, practical points on “how to.” Very comprehensive [and] focused on the details.” ~ L. Kucerova, MD (June ’12)

“[During the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, I was very interested in] chemical peels and the profit margins [available].  Jennifer [Wild, DO] was wonderful.  Specifying how many units of botox to use, etc. and where to inject was very helpful!” [Before taking the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training] I knew nothing, and now I know everything I need to start [the] successful use of Clean Start Weight Loss in the office.” ~ N. Kaushal, MD (June ’12)

“All speakers were very good, [with a high] knowledge level [and] experienced. [The training and presenters were very] helpful. Great job.” ~ P. Connors, MD (June ’12)

“The [Aesthetic Medicine Symposium was] beyond my most optimistic expectation.  [It was a] big bang for my money. FANTASTIC!” ~ A. Adebayo, MD (June ’12)

“It was all great.  Great topic coverage relevant to practicing aesthetic medicine.” ~ A. Tate, MD (June ’12)

“The course made me interested in everything.” ~ K. Pardave, NP (June ’12)

“Great course…..[especially the] hands on botox (TM) injecting.” ~ F. Pepple, MD (June ’12)

“Fabulous!” ~ P. Connors, MD (June ’12)

“All aspects of a start up aesthetics practice were covered very [well and] in depth.” ~ M.J. Englee, MD (June ’12)

“Excellent Symposium.” ~ L. Mata, MD (June ’12)

“Excellent presenters!  Wonderful location.  [My expectations were] absolutely [met]. Over and above!” ~ L. Waterson, MD (June ’12)

“All the [topics] were very informative and new to me.  My expectations were exceeded!!  This was the best money I have spent. Fantastic!”~ L. De Blanche, MD (June ’12)

[Regarding the Symposium, the topic of most interest to me was the] “laser/IPL – it was something I knew so little about prior to this conference and had little understanding of.  Now it makes sense, and would be a no-brainer to incorporate into my practice at some point in the future.” ~ J. Cawley, MD (April ’12)

“Entire program was new to me.  Today’s lectures added to and reinforced what I read.  Jeff Russell was very entertaining, as well as informative.” G. Pope, MD (Jan ‘12)

“Everything was [tremendous] value for money and time.” ~ J. Austin, Do (Jan ‘12)

“Excellent program!” ~ M. Bueno, NP (Jan ‘12)

“Great conference!” ~ D. Hughes, GNP (Jan ‘12)

“This course was excellent!  Information was especially useful and helpful.” ~ M. Ainbinder, MD (Jan ‘12)

“Lots of good stuff!  All the documents and how to do the business, [very good] Very good handouts!” ~ D. Roberts, MD (Jan ‘12)

“Good education without bias both from the medical and business standpoint.  I will recommend this program to other colleagues!” ~ A. Jamal, MD (Jan ‘12)

“I thought it was awesome, start to finish.” ~ D. Suarez, DO (Jan ‘12)

“This was one of the best programs I have attended in years.  Everyone gave their best as far as I was concerned….I was impressed with every presentation.  Thanks for the presentations, the sense of humour and the patience with all of our questions.  [I learned] how to do this business with integrity, but also with a sense that makes “cents.” ~ C. Deeb, NP (Oct ‘11)

“Loved it all!  Especially how much hands on we got to do!” ~ Dr. A. Funderburk Mock (Sept. ‘11)

“Very interesting to get an overview of all the different skin care technologies, with all the indicators and contraindications and skin physiology.  They were all interesting and necessary.” ~ (Sept. ‘11)

“Excellent conference.” ~ Dr. R. Ruiz (Sept. ‘11)

“Great Symposium.  I feel I am ready to open my Med Spa!” ~ Dr. S. Oyama (Sept. ‘11)

“Thorough and patient explanations and MOST OF ALL – each of the presenters was very receptive and helpful in taking and answering questions from the audience.  I believe this [medical weight management training] will allow us to improve our patient care and make appropriate adjustments to fees.”  ~ Dr. G. Schroeder (Sept. ‘11)

“Excellent and methodical review of the program.  Practical and medically sound information on establishing a successful practice.  Great “starting a practice” advice.  Gives one no hesitation to starting up this program,.  A great option towards improving the long term health of a patient.  Much cheaper than paying for management consultant.”  Dr. T. Calvert (June ‘11)

“Really enjoyed the conference.  Yes, it was worth the money.” ~ Dr. N. Hughes (June ‘11)

Really enjoyed learning about the “safety factors and information on frequently asked questions by patients, [as well as the] marketing and cost breakdown for the office [information] and the CD!  Yes, worth the value with the [IAPAM] membership for continued information.” ~ Dr. K. Herring (June ‘11)

“Lots of stuff; all great!  Keep up the good job.” ~ Dr. O. Ghalambor (June ‘11)

“All [the topics were] of interest, [especially the] light based devices and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation.  Optimal balance of education and practical.” ~ Dr. T. Hanlon (June ‘11)

“I liked all the topics and really enjoyed what I learned.” ~ Dr. N. Hughes (June ‘11)

“Thank you for everything; it was a pleasure to meet you!!   I’m so glad that I went to the Symposium and learned [so much] from [such] a very good professional team!!” ~ Dr. M. A. Morales Lares (June ‘11)

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