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Using Facebook to Engage Your Patients

facebookFacebook has grown tremendously over the last 5 years. Boasting over 1 billion  members with new ones added every day, it has become the central hub not just for friends to meet and mingle, but also for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. With such an extensive reach, it comes as no surprise that Facebook is now being actively used by the healthcare industry to stay in touch with patients.

It is not an uncommon belief that Facebook is a place where people post amusing and entertaining photos to share with their friends. But it is an important hub to share useful information with patients. The process is simple – the professional or the service creates a Facebook page, people visit their page, ‘like’ the page and receive constant updates that the company provides. In a way, it is similar to sending out emails to hundreds of clients, but is a lot simpler.

Building a fan base and following of patients

Creating a Facebook page alone is not sufficient. Advertising it is paramount, and this can be easily achieved using Facebook advertising. Word of mouth also helps, and the more you engage with your patients, the more they will let their friends and family know.

Strategies to engage patients

There are a number of different ways to engage patients who are on your company’s Facebook page.

1. Share up to date information –  Patients love to hear about new developments in the field of medicine, and putting it across in a simple to understand language will most certainly engage your patients. Many of them might be able to use that information to manage their clinical condition a lot more effectively.

2. Stay in touch – Engaging patients is not a one way street. If a patient posts a comment or wishes to know more about a particular topic you have posted on their, it is worthwhile replying back to them with useful tips and suggestions. Starting a dialogue can help build trust and your Facebook page can be the ‘go-to’ site when it comes to information and tips.

3. Post useful videos and photos – It may be great to keep it business as usual and be professional all the time, but posting interesting videos that bear a message, or memorable photos that patients may fine useful is a great way to build your reputation. For example, if running Botox® courses, having a few videos to explain what the course is about, or having a picture about how Botox® can help a patient is a good way to engage with them.

Here is an excellent example of the use of Facebook by one of the IAPAM’s expert faculty members, Dr. Toni Stockton.

At the IAPAM, we offer a lot of free information to our patients and professionals alike. We are avid Facebook users, and believe that our patients deserve to know everything there is to know about their health. If you are not using Facebook to engage with your patients yet, it’s time to get on board!

Social Media posting is very time consuming therefore you will want to invest in a Social Media service to post to your platforms.  Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing will help with your practice engagement and is a great ROI.

Using Google and Bing SEO to Bring in More Patients 

People use search engines to look up everything, whether it is a product they want or a service they require. A clinic’s potential patients are also Google and Bing Users and to get the attention of these users you need SEO marketing. SEO helps generate traffic and offers a high rate of conversion because the people who open your website by looking up SEO keywords are those who actually need your services. A practice can significantly benefit from using keywords targeted at the local audience and attract more patients to their clinic.

Read Cosmetic Marketing Tips for more ideas on how to utilize social media and blogs to promote your medical spa.


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